Which Harry Potter character is your perfect date?
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Which Harry Potter character is your perfect date?

Find out who of the elder generation (James, Sirius, Lupin, Peter, Lucius Malfoy) is your one and only!

Question 1:   You meet for the first time. What draws your attention to him?
He’s overflowing charisma, of course!
He says or does something funny
He shows off intensively by hexing fellow students for fun
He’s intelligent but yet humorous remark on something
He’s pure style!

Question 2:   What does he look like?
Energetic, athletic
He looks interesting, is thin

Question 3:   At the first sight, he seems…
A bit mad…
Well… friendly
Intolerable selfish git

Question 4:   When you’ve got to know him better, you see him as…
Well… friendly, nice…
Powerful, a real leader
Friendly and caring, but still a mystery
Positively insane, and loads of fun!
Really friendly and outgoing person

Question 5:   Above everything (or this is what it seems) he likes to…
Hang out with his pals
Do some mischief (showing off included)
Play Quidditch and show off
Think about his glorious future
Be with friends, read

Question 6:   He’s dress style is generally…
Rock, metal – leather, spikes and thorns!
Comfortable, yet stylish
Like everyone else
Fashionable and youthful

Question 7:   He would prefer following combination of colours…
Black, red, white
Black, green and silver
Black, black and black!
Black, grey, yellow
Red, gold and black

Question 8:   His hairstyle is…
About chin-length, bit wavy
Carefully combed and fixed, STRAIGHT

Question 9:   When talking about sports, he…
Says it’s pretty fun at times
Gets over-exited about the last Quidditch match
Sports, oh please…
Gets over-exited about the last Quidditch match
Says he likes to fly and fight…

Question 10:   When talking about books, he…
Clearly there are certain books worth reading…
Accepts these things as necessities, but really, he prefers the real life…
Gets bored, and starts staring out of the window towards the Quidditch field
Says that he really loves comics
Recommends about a dozen must-read books to you

Question 11:   You ask him to help you with your homework, he…
Oh, sorry, he’s even more behind that you are…
It’s like you’d have a personal teacher
Complains about it, but helps you a great deal
Complains loudly about it, but says that you copied his
What! No! He’s got more important things to do!

Question 12:   He’s really notorious for…
He’s the Mischief Maker no.1!
Great Quidditch skills and trouble-making
He’s knowledge
Notorious…I wouldn’t say so
He’s the Pig Planner!

Question 13:   When he’s got nothing to do, he starts…
Plotting something Truly Evil!
Reading a book
Playing with the Snitch
Er… nothing…
It always starts when he’s bored…

Question 14:   How many times does he comb his hair in a day?
Surely some times…
Twice in the morning, then after every class, and thrice in the evening
Enough to look good;)
Well...I dunno
Not once!

Question 15:   In the end, what he thinks is most important in life?
Fun, love, fiends… oh, everything - LIFE!
Human relations
Success, power
Safe-being, a warm place
Friends, family, happiness… and being popular as well…

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