Your magic man of Hogwarts
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Your magic man of Hogwarts

Who is your magic man of Hogwarts?

Question 1:   What hair color do you prefer your magic man to have?

Question 2:   What does your magic man like to do most in his spare time?
Play Quidditch
Hang out w/ friends
Belittle others

Question 3:   What magical talent best represents your magic man?
Making magical items

Question 4:   What would intimidate your magic man the most?
He- who- must- not- be- named
An unbeatable Keeper
Living up to the family reputation
Nothing really- not much to worry about when you're making all the trouble...

Question 5:   What is in the cards for your magic man? What will happen in his future?
A promotion
The Grim- as Ms. Trelawney would say- appears quite often in my cards, but does that really mean....
Quidditch Captain of London's Best Team
Would you like a fake wand or a galloping toad?
Riches unless the family is dethroned should true loyalties be revealed

Question 6:   What position would you play in Quidditch?

Question 7:   Would your magic man join S.P.E.W., be it out of the goodness of his heart or otherwise?
What in heaven is spew?

Question 8:   What quote best describes your magic man?
"I will be denied nothing!"
"Well, not all of us can be famous, now can we?"
"The world is my oyster, but it doesn't always look that way..."
"Blood is thicker than water."
"It's not over 'til the fat lady sing... well, y'know what I mean..."

Question 9:   Your magic man is:
Passionate, caring, and kind...
Fun-loving, impish, and daring...
Cynical, dark, and mildly unpleasant...

Question 10:   Which book did you like best?
Sorcerer's Stone
Chamber of Secrets
Prisoner of Azkaban
Goblet of Fire
Order of the Phoenix

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