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Who Is My Harry Potter Boyfriend?

This quiz will determine who is most likely to be your Harry Potter boyfriend. To make things more interesting, Ron and Harry will NOT be among the answers. There are a total of 20 questions. Please answer them all 100% truthfully for an accurate result. xx

  • 1
    You arrive at Hogwarts the same year as Harry, Ron, etc.

    You like guys who are:
    You arrive at Hogwarts the same year as Harry, Ron, etc. You like guys who are:
  • 2
    You look most often for a guy who is:
  • 3
    Thoughts on Harry Potter (the character and his traits, not the books/movies).

  • 4
    What house do you want "him" to be in?
  • 5
    Walking through the corridors, "he" comes up behind you and:
  • 6
    You want a guy who:

  • 7
    Academic level of the guy you want?
  • 8
    Which colors best fit you?
  • 9
    Which of these pets would you rather have?
  • 10
    How would you like to die?

  • 11
    Do you most despise:
  • 12
    Fave character type?
  • 13
    Physical traits of your guy?
  • 14
    If you could be guaranteed one thing, which of these would you choose?
  • 15
    Favorite candy of these?
  • 16
    Favorite number of these?

    This question took me a lot of research...all have a reason, and none are made up...OK, maybe one (none of these).

  • 17
    You like to spend your free time:
  • 18
    Fave Quidditch position?
  • 19
    When you are sad, you most likely:
  • 20
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (102)


12 days ago
Hold- which Albus tho-?
52 days ago
I. GOT. DRACO! EEEKKKKKK! He’s meh crust! 😄
84 days ago
My percentages are so split up, my highest was 30% but I got one of the twins if I’m going off that so I’m happy 😊
96 days ago
Yay!I got Draco! He's so cute!
173 days ago
i got malfoy!!!!!! ahhhhh i feel dead
206 days ago
mostly fred or georegeeeeeee yayyyyyyyyyyy
rip fred tho :(
215 days ago
Got Draco!!!!I adore him,I still can't believe it!!Well,I am a bit Fred Weasly's girlfriend,too(unfortunately:()
216 days ago
I got Albus I got Albus
217 days ago
I got Draco Malfoy too!!!! Who else watches # Dracotok
223 days ago
I got Draco Malfoyyyyyy! #Malfoy
236 days ago
You are thrown off guard, your world turns upside down, and you find yourself atop a sturdy pair of shoulders. Laughing, you beg him to put you down. But he starts running and you scream, still in roars of laughter. He is now laughing so hard he had to drop you. Both of you now sit outside of potions on the floor, laughing your heads off. You look at the boy in front of you, and realize how lucky you are to have Fred Weasley as your boyfriend. I’m also 10% Draco and 10% Voldy
240 days ago
I got Fred and George! I love them, they're so cute
246 days ago
I got fred/george which the answer was SO CUTE but I laughed so hard at voldy moldys.
262 days ago
I got fred/george yayy
273 days ago
Yasss i got my crush🥰😂. # slytherin
#hogwarts #malfoyy
279 days ago
279 days ago
280 days ago
I got the chosen one
286 days ago
Draco yessir only cute in movies though he UGLY now
286 days ago
Yess I got the twins! I love themmm