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Who Is My Harry Potter Boyfriend? Quiz

This quiz will determine who is most likely to be your Harry Potter boyfriend. To make things more interesting, Ron and Harry will NOT be among the answers. There are a total of 20 questions. Please answer them all 100% truthfully for an accurate result. xx

  • 1
    You arrive at Hogwarts the same year as Harry, Ron, etc.

    You like guys who are:
    You arrive at Hogwarts the same year as Harry, Ron, etc. You like guys who are:
  • 2
    You look most often for a guy who is:
  • 3
    Thoughts on Harry Potter (the character and his traits, not the books/movies).

  • 4
    What house do you want "him" to be in?
  • 5
    Walking through the corridors, "he" comes up behind you and:
  • 6
    You want a guy who:

  • 7
    Academic level of the guy you want?
  • 8
    Which colors best fit you?
  • 9
    Which of these pets would you rather have?
  • 10
    How would you like to die?

  • 11
    Do you most despise:
  • 12
    Fave character type?
  • 13
    Physical traits of your guy?
  • 14
    If you could be guaranteed one thing, which of these would you choose?
  • 15
    Favorite candy of these?
  • 16
    Favorite number of these?

    This question took me a lot of research...all have a reason, and none are made up...OK, maybe one (none of these).

  • 17
    You like to spend your free time:
  • 18
    Fave Quidditch position?
  • 19
    When you are sad, you most likely:
  • 20
    Did you like this quiz?

Comments (114)


1018 days ago
Draco too. He's so flipping hot though.
1019 days ago
ofc i got malfoy prob ppl be lieing
1019 days ago
i got draco but i aint complaining
1021 days ago
I got Draco expected
1022 days ago
I got Fred and George
1025 days ago
I got malfoy;)
1026 days ago
I got Draco but 30% of me is voldy LMFAO
1030 days ago
I got Draco Malfoy !!!!
1038 days ago
I got Draco Malfoy!!!!!!!
1045 days ago
GOT DRAYs drayssssssssssssssssss
1046 days ago
if Pansy hears about this I am gonna knock her out!!!!!!!!
1046 days ago
I got Draco Malfoy !!!!!!
I love him
1064 days ago
I.D.N I am so thrilled, I got Fred/Gorge, almost all my dreams came true, I love FRED! He is so Cute and Funny.
1064 days ago
I have always wanted Fred, I thogh have not read all the books, and the first one I got was Fred/Gorge. I just love him.
1069 days ago
I got Draco lol 😂
1081 days ago
Bruh Fred and George not bad but George and Georgia?😂 but yes not bad
1082 days ago
ha ha im reading these comments and alot of you guys got draco. so back the frick off my boyfriend you little peices of shi- heh, sorry. im just VERY protective of him
1082 days ago
For 99% you are: Ready for your result? Hearing a sudden noise, you freeze; warm arms wrap around your waist, a profusion of warm kisses press into your neck. It was him - your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. How do you feel about this? He's so bad...yet SO good! ;-)

for 1% i also got fred or george so not too bad
1083 days ago
i got, in order: fred and George, Albus, Malfoy, voldy, then ugh! Colin
1098 days ago
I wanted Ron Weasley but I get Fred/George and that's OK still got a Weasley