Marauder Era Boyfriend

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I am totes obsessed with these quizzes and I hope you feel the same!

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    Who do you fancy?
    Who do you fancy?

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79 days ago
pov i wanted sirius and got james... i'm not gonna end up being harry's alternate universe mom... and since when did my patronus change from a wolf to a pug?? also im not jessica fitzgerald
596 days ago
James' Girlfriend- When ur a Slytherin but ur crushes are from Gryffindor
859 days ago
Mine is always either sirius or james
870 days ago
I got Remus. Also my first name is Rebekah so it was funny how I got Rebecca.
964 days ago
Mine always result in James or Sirius, but Sirius will always be my passion. EVER
1205 days ago
why am i taking this quiz i dont wanna date any of them
1447 days ago
"You are Jessica Fitzgerald. You are the Fith Marauder and James's girlfriend. You met when you both tried pranking Snape and you fell in love. You are Gryffindor and your patronus is a pug."

How's that possible? I wanted to be Rebecca, the Marauders' crush. I like Remus best (well, at least second best after Severus), am a Ravenclaw and my patronus is a wolf. Weird result...
1449 days ago
"You are James's girlfriend. You results are unclear though because you are either Sirius's or James's girlfriend. Please pick between these two or retake the quiz." Cool. Both are my Marauders Era fictional crushes.