Who is your Lord of the Rings fellowship man??
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Who is your Lord of the Rings fellowship man??

Who is your match??Legolas?Gimli?Aragorn?See here!!

Question 1:What do you like most?
a man who will give up everything for you
a guy who is mainly serious, but is very sweet and sometimes hilarious
he acts brave but is really scared for you at heart
one who is brave enough to give up his life for the riddance of evil
one that is sometimes power hungry and at other times braver than you think

Question 2:You would prefer a man that is:
very funny and brave
funny and rather stubborn at first
not willing to die, even when in pain, when you are still in danger
tall, handsome, and pointy-eared
strong, rugged, and handsome

Question 3:What would your man do for you?
go on a trip with an elf and become friends with him
want the best for you and nearly get killed for you
end up dead, but still love you no matter what
teach you archery and help you learn how to walk on snow
go on a life threatening adventure and have all the pressure on him

Question 4:Hair color?
reddish brown
brown and curly
light brown

Question 5:height?
tall...not as tall as some though
he is kinda short, but not tall
he is taller than some.....
shorty here

Question 6:What is your favorite color?
Bright colors
Light brown

Question 7:What do you think of the woods?
beautiful and mysterious
I can't really catch a hobbit out there(hint hint)
it is kinda crowded
I like holes better
mines are better

Question 8:What do you think about The One Ring?
I hate the pressure of it
It is kinda cool...I could rule with it...maybe
The ring shall be destroyed
It is gonna be gone with the help of the hobbits and elf and other dudes
I will help destroy it

Question 9:Eye color of your man?
blue (sometimes in the movie they are brown,too)
blue, it doesn't match my feet hair though
brown to match my beard

Question 10:What is his talent?
being funny
snow walkin'
having a glow in the dark sword
dying in the first movie
kickin' major butt

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