Who is your Fellowship fella?
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Who is your Fellowship fella?

What guy from the fellowship is for you!?

Question 1:So, What type of guy do you like?
blue eyed hobbit.
kinda dumb, but very funny!
a short, beared guy
manly and rugged!
Blonde, hot, and an elf!

Question 2:Favorite color?

Question 3:Where does he live?
no where, he roams
the mines
hehe The Shire!
The Shire

Question 4:What is his weapon of choice?
Bow and arrows baby!!
and axe!
a sword reborn
his sword Sting
he doesn't fight that much

Question 5:What is his talent?
a natural leader and a fine fighter
humor and comedy
bravery and pretty smart
strength and drive
keen senses, very fast, and archery

Question 6:What kind of date would he take you on?
horse-back riding or something exciting
something funny and new, like a party
a picnic or a boat ride
A walk through a beautiful wood
something in the dark

Question 7:Pick a quote!
"A red sun rises, blood has been spilt this night."
"Toss me!"
"It was only a dream"
"I will take the ring!"
" But what about Breakfast?And second Breakfast?

Question 8:What does he think about the Ring??
I do not care for it.
Its made more trouble then I have!
It must be destroyed!!!
It is a burden! No one understands!!

Question 9:If he were an animal, what kind would he be?
Something smart and fast, like a tiger or dolphin
a mole or a pig
a monkey
a puppy
a horse or a lion

Question 10:Finally, who is your fave?
Aragorn(Hail the King of Gondor!)
Gimli!(Stupid Dwarf!)
Legolas!(Ohh yeah!)
Frodo!(Destroy the ring!)
Pippin(Fool of a Took!)

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