Are you Worthy of Justin Timberlake?
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Are you Worthy of Justin Timberlake?

Are you head over heels in love with Justin Timberlake? Well, a lot of girls are, but find out if you're worthy of him here!

Question 1:Justin wants you to go to his 45 city Justified/Stripped tour with him, what do you do?
Did he even have to ask?
Well, I'd rather not but I guess if he really wanted me to I'd go.
No, why would I want to spend two months traveling from city to city never seeing him!
I'd go but I'm not happy that I'd have to spend all that time watching him and Christina together all the time!
Yeah, I'd go... but only to rub it in all his fans faces that I got him!

Question 2:Justin gets home after one of his concerts, and is really tired. What do you do?
Give him a full body massage after he takes his hot bath.
Don't bother him and let him go to sleep.
You guys were supposed to go out tonight! He only thinks about himself!
Ask him how the concert went tell him you love him and let him sleep. He just danced his ass off for hours! Sheesh!!

Question 3:Justin shows you his new dance moves for the Right for Me video. You don't like them. What do you do?
Tell him they need some improvement and tell him you'll help him
Tell him they're great. Whatever he does his fans will love so, no biggie
Change the subject

Question 4:Britney calls to talk to Justin, but he's not home. What do you do?
Nothing. What he doesn't know won't hurt him
Think about telling him, but change your mind. You only want what’s best for him
Tell Justin she called, then do something to take his mind off it.
Tell J she called and let him deal with it.

Question 5:Do you think JT is better off with or without *NSYNC?
Whatever makes him happy is fine with me.
Personally, by himself, but it' s his life, not mine.
With *NSYNC, that way he has more time for me!!

Question 6:Justin asks you if you think he acts to much like Michael Jackson. What do you say?
Of course not! You are your own person, and are very talented and unique.
Just the hat thing, but it looks good on you.
Yeah, but who cares?

Question 7:What is your favorite Justin song?
Cry Me a River
Rock your Body
Like I love you

Question 8:Would you move far away from your home to be with him?
Hell yeah!
I guess...
It would take a lot of convincing (wink...wink...)
No, I wouldn't leave my momma!

Question 9:Would you have helped Ashton punk Justin?
No, that was so mean!!
No, my poor J!
Yeah... his mom was in on it, and so was his best friend!!
Yeah, I wouldn't even think twice!

Question 10:Would you ever cheat on J?
I don't think so...
Only with Ashton Kutcher!
I'm only using him to get to the real hotties!

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