Which Male Singer are you best suited for?
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Which Male Singer are you best suited for?

Just take the quiz...

Question 1:Which of the following nationalities sounds most... appealing?
100% Pure Aussie
Half Scottish, half American... very international
Just American

Question 2:Would your dream guy play the guitar?
Oh YES! He'd even have his own unique tuning fit for his AMAZING voice...
No way! He wouldn't even write his own music!
Nah, his voice would be his best talent.
Definitely! He'd have been playing since he was 12 years old!

Question 3:What colour/style would his hair be?
Long and blonde!
I'd like a guy who has short hair, but never sticks to the same colour or style for long!
Short and brown... very boring.
Long and black (or at least it used to be until the idiot CUT IT...)

Question 4:What type of clothes would he wear?
Mostly black and sometimes kind of tight... I wouldn't REALLY mind if he sometimes wears women's clothes... he's being himself right?
Sparkly jackets and the real rock star look on stage... and off stage too. He'd be very stylish!
Just plain shirts buttoned all the way up and sweaters. Not too flashy.
He'd often do that thing with the sweater and the hood and stuff... he'd be a bit of a Michael Jackson wannabe too!

Question 5:What would his songs be like?
Wanting to sleep with someone, wanting to dance with someone... the usual mainstream stuff nowadays... (boring as hell if you ask me!)
Well they USED to be about drugs and sex and sex on drugs and bisexuality. Now they're a little more mature, often about lost love and ending relationships. A lot of his songs are also about just being yourself ("don't be plasticine..."). He also came up with a way of singing in the 3rd person which is REALLY cool. Okay I'll shutup now, but his songs ROCK!
They used to be really grungy and loud! Over the years they've slowed down a bit. A lot are about struggles as a teenager and suffering from depression and anorexia. His songs are also REALLY powerful!
A lot are about hate, and the feeling of wanting to belong. Paranoia is also prevalent in a lot of his songs, along with a LOT of anger!

Question 6:Would you mind if he was kind of... girly?
Yes! My man has to be... ALL MAN!!!
I'd like him to be pretty masculine, apart from the high voice!
I wouldn't mind if he kind of looked like a girl, but I wouldn't want him to be TOO androgynous!
He could wear dresses for all I care! I wouldn't even mind if he was a bisexual (mostly straight though...) who wore makeup on a regular basis!

Question 7:What would his voice sound like?
High... about 20 octaves higher than the average guy!
Completely unique, no one could possibly copy it!
He'd have a range from sexily deep, too really high. Just a really really sexy voice...
Angry a lot of the time, almost like shouting, but still singing. Very powerful, and sometimes actually kind of nice.

Question 8:What would have been his "claim to fame"?
He would have won a band contest on Aussie radio at the age of only 14 with a song that would become his band's first single!
His band's first album wouldn't have to have been successful, but the band's appearance in a movie and at David Bowie's birthday concert as well as one of their songs being on the soundtrack of a major film would have made them world famous!
He would have started out in a boyband that got pretty world famous, but also appeared on a certain Disney TV Show when he was younger.
His band were just REALLY REALLY REALLY successful with their first album!

Question 9:What type of music do you like?
Grunge, but I also like a break with a couple of slow-songs.
Hard rock, and a bit of rap.
Dance music/Pop (mainstream c**p...)

Question 10:Pick a lyric...
"Sucker love is heaven scent, you pucker up our passion's spent"/"Does his makeup in his room, douse himself with cheap perfume, eyeholes in a paper bag, the greatest lay I ever had"
"Cry me a river, blah, blah, blah"/"
"I will never know myself until I do this on my own, I will never feel anything else until my wounds are healed"
"I'm watching you, watch over me, I've got the greatest view from here"/"You brighten my life, like a polystyrene hat, but it melts in the sun, like a life without love"

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