Who Is My 'Why Don't We' Husband?

Love the band Why Don't We? Wonder which of the members would be the best match for you? Answer these 13 questions about yourself to find out who in the band would fall for you the hardest!:-) Please share my quiz with your friends who also love Why Don't We!

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    Let's start easy! How old are you?
    Let's start easy! How old are you?

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101 days ago
I got Corbyn since he is my fave and luv him
120 days ago
im laughing at the travel one cuz it goes: london, australia, paris, italy and new york city.
it just swings between cities and countries
im like 'where in italy and australia?'
120 days ago
I got Jack which I'm fine with it because he's my lane at the moment HAHAHA :p
138 days ago
I love why dont we I hope all yall are safe with the covid 😷😂😂
152 days ago
I got Daniel even though I wanted Jonah but Daniel is awesome to
164 days ago
I got Daniel even though I wanted Zach but Daniel's cute and I can see why I got him we have a lot in common even thou I'll probably never meet him I live in LA though and I just turned 20 maybe we'll meet so who knows what will happen 😀😀😀
175 days ago
i got daniel but i wanted zachhh
179 days ago
I got Corbyn!!!! Yes he is the cutest
186 days ago
i got corbyn
199 days ago
was i the only one listening to why don't we while doing this quiz btw i got danny 🥰
201 days ago
I just want to say dorbyn is cute lol 😙😙
213 days ago
Omg I got Zach yaàaaaaaaaay
213 days ago
This isn't that bad I was scared at first I thought I would get Daniel I was scared because I knew if I got Daniel my sister would kill me I really wanted Zach though he's my favorite but Jack's my second fave so it's cool
229 days ago
I am a big why dont we fan! Although i love all of the boys Zach is my lane and is really cute but they all are! Here's my result:

Ready for your result? You got Jack! You both have the same sense of humor and a lot of the same interests. I think you would get along very well. Please share my quiz with your friends who also love Why Don't We!
248 days ago
I got jack but I wish I got zach I’m in zachy lane right now and I will always be but I’m always getting jack corymb or Daniel and Jonah never zach and I’m so upset about that I love zach and I’m in his
L’âne and I always be but I don’t get why I didn’t get zach as he is scared of heights I ain’t but I put that so I can get zach but I guess I will have to keep trying to get Zach
255 days ago
Same Ruby, I got Daniel, and he obviously isn't somebody's because he is single
256 days ago
well abbey I got Daniel to and I don't think he appreciate you hogging him
270 days ago
284 days ago
Daniel is my husband! haha, meet mrs seavey erryone!
289 days ago
Me to mewmew22
I am mewmew22 i am responding to myself