Buffy - the love test!
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Buffy - the love test!

Who do you secretly dream of? Do you lose yourself in Angel's dark eyes or do you totally agree with Harmony that no one compares to her blondie bear? Or would you rather like a nice guy your mother will adore, such as Riley Finn? With this test, you can find out which of Buffy's men sets your blood on fire - literally.

Question 1:   Imagine you and your partner disagree on an important issue. What happens?
We discuss. The more qualified arguments win.
I persuade him with the weapons of a woman.
He follows my orders. I'm the woman, I know better anyway.
He starts killing all my friends till I agree with him.
He thinks he is responsible for the decision and doesn't even ask me. Later, he feels guilty.

Question 2:   It's five o'clock pm. What is he doing?
saving the world
having tea
coming home from work and falling asleep
getting up
taking his vitamins

Question 3:   Your partner did something wrong and made you very angry. What would you do for a revenge?
I'll refuse sex.
I'll sleep with his best friend.
I'll burn his books and give him a computer.
I'll call his mom and tell her what he did.
I'll send him to hell.

Question 4:   What about your partner's language skills?
He's even got trouble with his English.
He can do other things with his tongue ;-)
He speaks at least two foreign languages (e.g. German and Romanian).
I guess he can talk to horses and cows.
He speaks lots of useful languages, such as Sumeran, Hebrew, Babylonian...

Question 5:   How important is sex life in your relationship?
Are we talking about the handcuffs or the whip?
Fairly important, he's like a toreador.
As important as a minute can be.
I can do without sex - the morning after, men turn into monsters anyway.
He would notice if something was wrong with our sex life, like if I wasn't in my own body. He would. Would he?

Question 6:   What's your attitude towards modern media, such as the internet?
The written word is much more accurate. This is why I printed out this test and I'm completing it with pen and paper right now.
They give us so many wonderful opportunities, such as spam mail, virus attacks,...
Like everything else, a computer has to be state-of-the-art, and I'm always trying to be up to date.
I tried, but the computer said PRESS ANY KEY, and so I decided it was too complicated for me.
They are useful, but I prefer others doing the work, I'm too impatient for a web research.

Question 7:   If you ever have children, you and your partner are likely to...
teach them discipline and obeying
feel guilty for your mistakes
be a strong mother/father figure
Kids? I adore children - a bit of salt, little squeeze of lemon - perfect!

Question 8:   Someone you admire.
Sex Pistols
Luke Skywalker

Question 9:   You want to write a book with your partner as a co-author. What's it going to be?
a comic strip
a psychological dissertation
a love story with a tragic ending
either a collection of poems or a sequel to deSade's "Justine"
a handbook

Question 10:   Your partner's ex and why it didn't work out.
She didn't love him.
She left him for another guy. She's insane, you know.
He left her because he thought she deserved a better life.
She couldn't deal with his job.
She turned out to be a demon.

Question 11:   Imagine your partner in the Big Brother house. What happens?
He is disqualified for eating the chicken food.
The world wide web breaks down because he has a shower.
He leaves after two days because he misses his books.
He does the washing-up every day.
He wins because after a week there is no other player alive to nominate him.

Question 12:   What does your partner watch on TV?
Soap operas.
Smile time - but only when he's a puppet.
Action movies and kung-fu movies.

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