Buffy - the love test: Here come the ladies!
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Buffy - the love test: Here come the ladies!

(Note: Cordy is not included in this test. There will be an ANGEL version of this shortly in which she will appear.)

Question 1:   Your girlfriend calls you on your cell phone and tells you she urgently needs your help. What happened?
The moon talked to her.
She wants sex.
Oh... I forgot.
She got attacked by a dozen demons and some vamps, but by the time I arrive, they're all decapitated.
Hell froze over.

Question 2:   Nobody's perfect. What's your girlfriend's adorable little flaw?
She's a lunatic.
She's a nympho - wait, that's not a flaw...
She changes her hair color with the season.
She's a murderess.
She's a necrophile.

Question 3:   What about your sex life?
I'll end up in hell or in the jungle, so let's just skip this question.
Pretty good, provided that our bedroom isn't overrun by bunnies.
Great! Save me a hospital bed, ok?
I see a whip, and I see...

Question 4:   You are out with your girlfriend. Suddenly you realize she's drinking too much alcohol and beginning to act in a weird way.
As long as there's no bleached blond vampire near her, let her drink!
Something must be done - I'll drink it for her.
Beer? Bad!
Hide all her spell books, I don't want to end up blind or marrying my chemistry teacher...
What's the difference?

Question 5:   You've bought your girlfriend a pet. What would that be?
Fish. Wonder why that made her cry?
A cat. It's like her: individualistic, sexy and dangerous.
A dog. It will always protect her.
A bunny. Hey, where are you going, honey?
A puppy. Wonder where it got to...

Question 6:   You and your girlfriend rent a movie for the night. Which one?
I vote for a Kung Fu movie, but she keeps complaining about the mistakes in it.
She agrees to anything I pick 'cos we're gonna turn it off to have sex anyway.
Friday the 13th and From Dusk Till Dawn Director's Cut, but she falls asleep because romantic movies bore her.
A good porno.

Question 7:   Does your ex cast a shadow over your relationship?
I guess, though the shadow's a bit larger at full moon.
I don't think so, but she keeps talking about her daddy...
No, she's only had one-night stands so far.
As far as I know, very few of her exes do cast shadows at all.
He casts a hammer.

Question 8:   You rent an apartment for you and your girlfriend. What is the most important thing to take care of?
A big bed.
Room for a coffee machine. She didn't say coffin, did she?
No bars in front of the windows.
Unbreakable windows.
Unbreakable furniture.

Question 9:   Your girlfriend asks you for Manolo Blahniks for her birthday. What do you get her?
Sneakers. They are a classic for running and fighting.
A car? I have no idea what Manolo Blahniks is, but she can still turn the car into this if she doesn't like it.
A very expensive pair of shoes.
Dead Carrie Bradshaw.
Sex. When she asks me where her shoes are, I tell her she mixed that up.

Question 10:   If one of the following songs had been written about your girlfriend, what would it be?
Show must go on
You drive me crazy
Let's talk about sex

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