Which Big Brother boy is your match?
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Which Big Brother boy is your match?

You might like Spencer the best, but maybe it's really Jonny who you're suited to... or maybe you and Lee would be a match made in heaven. Take our quiz to find out!

Question 1:What's your favourite type of music?

Question 2:How often do you like to wash?
Usually twice a day.
Every couple of days
When I can be bothered, which is usually about once a week
Once a day

Question 3:How adventurous are you when it comes to eating?
Very adventurous, I'd try things like kangaroo
Not very, give me a roast dinner any day!!
I like Italian foods like pasta most
I mostly go for oriental foods such as a Chinese

Question 4:What kind of guy do you usually go for?
A laid back bloke with muscles
Laid back guy with a rude mind!!
A muscular guy with a sweet side
A pretty boy in touch with his feminine side

Question 5:If you were in the Big Brother house, would you consider having a relationship?
Yes!! I'd be the first!!
Only if I was single
Haven't thought about it
Probably, if there were people up for it!!

Question 6:Do you participate in group activities a lot?
Depends who else is in the activity.
I'll give it a go, definitely
Depends on my mood, and I'm usually moody, so no.
Sometimes. Occasionally I just want to watch

Question 7:Do you make your opinion heard very often?
Not usually. I like to keep quiet
Yeah, but sometimes I let other people do the talking
I'll probably keep quiet and talk about it later - behind someone's back
Only if I feel my opinion is important.

Question 8:Are you a tidy person?
Yes, extremely.
Sometimes I'm tidy, sometimes I'm untidy
Yes, I would say so
I'm too lazy to be tidy

Question 9:What would you most like to do in your spare time?
Go greyhound racing
Play games and watch TV
Go for a drive
Body build

Question 10:What type of clothes do you like a guy to wear?
Sleeveless tops and baggy trousers - something comfortable
A sleeveless jacket over a long sleeved top with trousers - always looking their best
Tight t-shirts and black trousers - to show off the body
Faded jeans a black top - nothing special

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