Which Stargate Atlantis guy is right for you?

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Imagine that you are part of the expedition crew that traveled to Atlantis. You fill in as a nurse when needed, but mostly your role is working in the kitchen. Out of all the Stargate men, who would you likely end up with--you may be surprised!

  • 1
    While on Atlantis (when it's not under siege), how do you get exercise?
  • 2
    Why did you choose to join the Atlantis team?
  • 3
    If you were given the opportunity to go off world, what type of mission would you want to go on ideally?
    A mission...

  • 4
    You've trained well enough to be allowed to go on a military mission. It goes south after a Wraith attack. You and a wounded team member have been separated from your team. You have been left behind on the planet with the Wraith. What is your plan?
  • 5
    You now live in a whole different galaxy! The food is different from Earth so, how do you eat?
  • 6
    How do you dress most often when you're not in your Atlantis Base uniform?

  • 7
    Be honest with yourself, where do you think you stand intellectually?
  • 8
    You are under attack, your weapon of choice?
  • 9
    Personally, how do you feel about the tests done on Wraith to turn them human?
  • 10
    You accidentally cut yourself while working in the kitchen. You sliced your hand and it's bleeding pretty badly. You go to the infirmary but it's really busy, everyone looks occupied. What do you do?

  • 11
    There is some sort of contagion on Atlantis so everyone is put under quarantine. You're stuck in your room. What do you do?
  • 12
    While eating in the mess one of the dorky botany scientists approaches you and asks you out. How do you respond?
  • 13
    Think about you're day to day life on Atlantis. When your not busy, what is your favourite thing to do in the city?
  • 14
    If you walked passed Rodney and Ronon that day Rodney could read minds, what would he hear you think?
  • 15
    Imagine you were in a sparing match with Ronon, how would it go for you?
  • 16
    Target practice, how's your aim?

  • 17
    What's the one luxury item you brought to Atlantis?
  • 18
    Hypothetically, if you had to be either a Replicator or a Wraith, which would you choose?
  • 19
    If you were to get into a relationship on Atlantis, what are you looking for?
  • 20
    So be real with yourself, which of these Atlantis guys do you most see yourself dating?

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