Are You Really over him?
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Are You Really over him?

Well are you?

Question 1:How long have you been broke up?
A couple months
5 months-10 months
about a year
1-3 years
Longer than all the above

Question 2:Do you dream about him?
No, never
Every single night
Yes, horrible nightmare dreams
Very rarely

Question 3:Do you still talk about him a lot?
I might mention him every now and then
No, I hold all my thoughts inside
Yes, everyday
I really don't know
No I never talk about him

Question 4:Do you sit and think about him sometimes?
Nope, never
Only when I've seen him
Yes I can't get him off my mind
In my spare time

Question 5:Do you dedicate breakup songs to him?
Only if they are cursing the guy out
Yes, all the time
No, I said I don't even think about him!
I find myself thinking about him when a certain song comes on

Question 6:Do you still have things he's given to you?
Yes, why throw it away
Yes, he's still my friend
no, I threw it all away
I wish there was something to throw away,he didn't give me anything
Yes, but I don't know where the stuff is

Question 7:Do you often find yourself wondering what he's doing or should you call him?
Never I could care less about what he's doing
Yes, I always wonder what he's been up to in a friendly way
Yes, all the time
Only when I'm bored

Question 8:If you saw him with another girl what would you do?
Smile and say hi to show him I'm over him
Get mad and wish I had a boyfriend
Go and give him a phony smile
Say hi and really mean it

Question 9:Is his number still on your speed dial?
No, but it's in my head
Yes, but I haven't had the time to delete it
I forgot his phone number completely

Question 10:If he asked for you back, what would you say?
I'll think about it

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