Do You Need to Get Over Your Crush?
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Do You Need to Get Over Your Crush?

So you've been crushing on this guy for quite a while. Is it time to give him up?

Question 1:Does your crush have a girlfriend?
No, but he has a crush on someone.
Yeah, but everyone can tell that he doesn't really like her.
Nope, it's not really his thing.
Yeah, and they are so in love.
No, but I think he's waiting around for me.

Question 2:What is his reaction when you tell a joke?
He lets out a chuckle.
He doesn't laugh at all.
He laughs, but only when his girlfriend isn't around.
He laughs depending on whether it is funny or not.
He laughs hysterically even if no one else finds it funny.

Question 3:Has he ever said anything negative about you before?
Yeah, but we sorted it out afterwards.
Yeah, but he only said it because he didn't want his girlfriend to think that he was into me.
Never. He's awesome like that.
Uh, maybe once or twice with his buddies.
I wouldn't know.

Question 4:Which girls would he be friends with?
Smart, talented ones who are fun to be around.
All the pretty ones who are very popular and like to party.
A mix of two or more of these. He doesn't really have a type.
Every girl and any girl.
He doesn't really have any girls for friends.

Question 5:What do you have in common with him?
We're both really flirty and goofy.
Well, we are both good-looking, right?
Uh, I'm not really sure.
We have the same hobbies and activities such as band, art, drama, sports, etc.
We enjoy hanging out at places.

Question 6:If you sent a message to him on AIM, what would he say?
Hey! How are you doing?
Um, who's this?
Nothing. He wouldn't respond.
Hey. Could you hang on a sec? I'm getting so many IMs from people!
What up yo?

Question 7:If your relationship with him could be described by one of the songs below, what would it be?
Hey Baby by No Doubt
Drops of Jupiter by Train
Best Friend by S Club 7
Not Too Young by Mandy Moore
How's It Gonna Be by Third Eye Blind

Question 8:What's the best word to describe him?

Question 9:What do the rest of the girls at your school think of him?
They think that he would be attractive if he actually talked more.
They think he's awesome to hang with.
They think he's a respectable guy, but not the type they want to go out with.
They all drool over him.
They think he's really funny and great to flirt with.

Question 10:Your first date is finally coming up. What does he want you to wear?
Something trendy and hot.
He doesn't care about what I wear. He knows that I can decide for myself.
Something casual, but nice.
I wouldn't know.
Something that shows a lot of skin.

Question 11:What do you talk to him about?
Haven't talked to him yet. I'm still trying to gather up the courage.
Anything and everything.
We just make a lot of vulgar jokes and stuff like that.
Just regular stuff like the weather.
Movies, TV shows, etc.

Question 12:When you two stare at each other...
One of us looks away immediately just so the other one won't know.
We both feel uncomfortable.
Nothing happens.
We start cracking up.
Well, that's never happened. It's usually me staring at him.

Question 13:Where is school on his priority list?
School? He's more concerned with his girlfriend, but I guess it is somewhat important to him.
He's the biggest slacker I know.
It's one of his top priorities.
Number one.
Somewhere in the middle.

Question 14:Why did you take this quiz?
Because I'm bored.
I was just curious to see what it was like.
Just as a joke.
To see if my crush likes me. Ahhh, he's so hot!
Because I've been confused lately and I want to know if there's something between me and my crush.

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