Am I Falling For Him?

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You think about him all the time, but you're unsure whether this is out of habit and you're really over him, or if you're thinking of him a lot because you still like him. We all go through this confusion! Take the quiz and find out how you honestly feel about this guy now.

  • 1
    "Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about."

    Be honest, did you just think about him?
    "Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about." Be honest, did you just think about him?
  • 2
    Your friends know his life story - even though they're not friends with him, or don't even know him.
  • 3
    You find yourself making excuses to see him.

  • 4
    Have you cried over him? For any reason?
  • 5
    Have you been through a lot together? Do you have memories and a friendship to fall back on?
  • 6
    When you talk to him, you behave...

  • 7
    Does he notice you? Be honest!
  • 8
    The closest answer to how you think of him is...
  • 9
    What are your conversations like?
  • 10
    Why aren't you guys dating yet? Give your best guess.

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14 days ago
i got So, how do you truly feel about this guy? You've got it bad! You're falling head over heels for him, and I think you know it. Keep after him, and don't let this one go without giving a romantic relationship your best effort. Good luck! I hope things work out but we already dated but we went back to friend 6 months ago should i ask 4 a 2nd chance
37 days ago
@~Limelight~ :) (83133)
I feel the same this guy I've liked for two years and the firsts year he was single and so was I but i was too scared to ask him out he knew that i liked him and then last year him and his girlfriend got together and i got a boyfriend too but i was not really attracted to my boyfriend because I liked this guy still and me and my boyfriend broke up but while he was with his girlfriend (he still is) he told me he would date me well I'm still waiting on him to break up with her and I feel like im in love with him idk and my first boyfriend we broke up because he did not like that i was liking this guy and my ex did not like him so i jeopardized my relationship for a guy that i probably will never date.......
48 days ago
Philip Dodge I'm falling for you and I have been for years, I try to "accidentally" show up where I know you work but I never seem to run into you. I literally can't function around you my heart stops and I suddenly can't speak English. I would love even to be your friend
49 days ago
so theres this guy who I've hardly talked to all year (ill call him harry) . Then this term i got a boyfriend (lets call him billy) who i only said yes to because i felt bad. Then all of a sudden Harry starts talking to me and flirting with me ALL THE TIME.
I broke up with Billy and then billy told me that harry likes me. I didn't think he did.
So I talk to Billy everyday and according to my friends, we are always flirting with eachother, but I dont even realise I am! We joke around, laugh a lot, have inside jokes and tease each other (in a fun way)
I started to develop a liking for Harry, and now I really really like him. I try not to like him but I can't help it.
Today my friend asked Harry if he had a crush on me, and he said yes. She told him to ask me out but he said that he's too scared of me rejecting him. He was 🐤 flirting with me at lunch and in sport. I overheard him talking to his friends saying that he's gonna ask me out tomorrow.
i dont know if I should say yes or no. HELP!!!
50 days ago
There is this guy let’s just call him jake and I have known him for a couple of months. He is smart,funny and kind. I am 11 and I am unsure about our relationship. Please help me !
72 days ago
So my guy BFF (lets call him Marco) has a girlfriend (lets call her Beth) . I bet Beth at my cousins birthday party. Me and her was the oldest people there so I just started conversation with her. We spent the whole party talking. I realized that I was also starting the same school as she was. (She is one year older than me) My cousins party was a sleepover party so me and her spent the night talking as well. (At the time,she had a different boyfriend). She ft him and I met him. (Lets call him Dion.) Dion also went to the same school. Me and him did not really talk or anything, we just said hi and stuff. I got Beths number and when I left the next day we texted. (I also had a boyfriend at the time. Lets call him Bryan.) Bryan was also a year older than me and went to the same school as Beth. Turns out Bryan and Beth knew each other. When school started none of us knew/talked to Marco. All I knew was that he was in the same grade and we shared most of the same classes together. He is very outstanding. Hes funny (class clown to be exact) and makes me have butterflies. But at the time he was just a friend. I made other friends eventually but me and him were inseperable. (We still are). I broke up with bryan not long after we started dating.(We lasted about 2 months). Everything went back to normal. Except that Marco started hanging out with me and Beth. Him and Beth became good friends as well. But he still talked to me more because beth is older. I eventually had a big crush on Marco. (I still do) . There were rumors that he liked me back. He was going to ask me out but then he suddenly asked out Beth. I was heartbroken but pretended like I did not care. I said that it was all rumors. That I never liked him like that. It is a year and a month later and me and him are still very close. We hang out all the time. I have a MAJOR crush on him but he is in love with Beth. It seems like they are not breaking up anytime soon and if they do he will be very sad. I am happy for them but I like him a lot. If you read this far, thank you for listening. Have a blessed day. Remember you are loved :)
72 days ago
I don’t know............... he cute and everything but one day he have a crush on me the next day he just staring at me and he goofs around with me ...... I ..just... don’t ...know
73 days ago
I really don't know though! He lives in a family of all boys except for one. We've been friends for a looong time, like casual, and I just don't know!?!
73 days ago
I am falling head over heals for him. I really am in real life. And it only happened last night! and all because we played No Bears Are Out Tonight.
80 days ago
im falling head over heels for him. ughh i cant hes dating someone ig ill never tell him OMG I NEED HELP
83 days ago
Ok y'all. *Breaths in* breaths out* So I went to my friends house for her birthday party and I meet this guy there, we are going to call him Marcus. Marcus and I talked a lot of the time, but I soon had to go. When I got home, I was so freaking tired that I just fell asleep. The next morning, I get a text from a unknown number and it said, "hey" "It's Marcus btw" and for some odd reason, I got butterfly's in my stomach, but then I remind myself that I only meet him yesterday so I just replied "Hey Marcus." And a week passed and we kept on texting. I didn't know if I did or did not have feelings for him, but I just decided to text my friend to tell her how I felt, and she said that he would take his phone (there really good friends so yeah) and tell me straight away if he likes me because she was going to ask him. A few hours past, and I got a text message from him, but little did I know that it was actually her! She kept on saying "He likesss youuuuu" He likessss youuuuuu" and I was kinda like "wow" but at the same time, I had this feeling that he didn't. Another week passed and there was this Halloween party and I invited my friend and Marcus. So, I see both of them and we hang out for a bit but I could easily tell that he was bored which kinda made me sad, but then they soon decided to ditch real quick which made me really sad, but at the same time I just pretended to smile and I said "Yeah go ahead, it's fine" and they left, but I decided to hang out with my other friend (we'll call her Bethany). When they got back, I just decided to ignore them because I was kinda upset but I didn't want to show, but then my friend (Not Marcus) hugged me from behind and then she apologized and I said I don't care anymore (which I kinda truly didn't) and then we just started hanging out again. When it was thirty minutes until the party was ending, my friend was trying to convince Marcus to tell me that he likes me which kinda got me mad because if he did and if he wanted to, he shouldn't feel forced to. And soon he did tell me that he has a crush on me, but I said that IDK if I have feelings for you because I didn't want to get hurt again because my last boyfriend was suicidal and that type of 💑 soooooo yeah. Now I'm here today, typing this which actually feels really good for some reason, but I texted Marcus today, saying hi and that I'm sorry for last night (even though I really didn't do anything I just wanted to see if he would) but he has not replied and yeah. I need help even though I'm probably never going to look back at this:)
107 days ago
lmao mines so sad-
so i met this guy 6 years ago when i was playing at my grandmas house with a friend. He liked me but i thought boys were gross so i was freaked out by it. One day we played truth or dare and my friend asked him if he lliked me (he said yes) and then she dared him to kiss me. I wouldn't let him so he just kissed me on the cheek. Then he moved to my school and we were both embarrassed so we didn't talk for 3 years lmaoo
Then last year we started chatting again and we were good friends. I've been talking to him over text quite a bit recently and all my friends said that he liked me but i was so sure that he didn't.
Then yesterday he asked me out and it was rly cute but I don't know if i like him like that and I felt super bad saying no so I told him yes and now i have a boyfriend lmao
Im just super confused as to whether I like him or not. pls helpppppppppppppppp
119 days ago
This was mine Seems to me that you've got a little something going with this one. Wait, and give it some time. Let something develop, or let it die. At this point, don't rush into a commitment with him. Good luck! I hope things work out! but im 11 he's 9 we've only meet like 3 times I like him but Im not sure. Please help
119 days ago
well I've know him since the start of the year and I couldn't imagine life without him he makes me laugh nervous and I go all shy when I'm around him am I falling in love with him it feels like it but I'm not sure
190 days ago
“So, how do you truly feel about this guy? You've got it bad! You're falling head over heels for him, and I think you know it. Keep after him, and don't let this one go without giving a romantic relationship your best effort. Good luck! I hope things work out!”
216 days ago
For one of the questions it was like what do you guys talk about. Well, none of the above. We argue about anything and everything and insult each other but honestly its quite fun... I think I may be falling for him though part of me hates him too.
247 days ago
There is this guy how we started talking was so unusual like he intentionally bumped into me and he later on randomly started staring at me and trying to look for my attention then one day he asked me out I initially didn’t want to go but ended up there he was so sweet and everything but then after at school people started attacking me for hanging out with him and it got into my head and I decided to stay away from him. I later have n regretted my decision cause I found out he grew on me and I find myself living in regret not taken my chance when I had it and he just keeps sending mixed signals and I honestly don’t know what to do. Any advice ?
248 days ago
I just joined a new swim team in September and theres this one boy I met who's so sweet and just everything he does makes me feel something I cant explain. Its like when I see him, everything just disappears and seems like nothing else matters. I know I like him but when I talk to him I get mixed signals and have no idea if he likes me. One minutes he's laughing at my stupid jokes and staring at me, then the next it's like I'm not there. I'm so confused. Does anyone know what's happening?
278 days ago
Brokenheart24 same
288 days ago
I have a crush on a classmate of mine but I'm sure he doesn't even know I exist. Well, that's kind of my fault 'cause I'm quite the shy person... I really wish I could be a little more popular. I mean, I've known my classmates for 2 years and I still have only one friend in my class! So, I kinda hate my life. *sweet, uh?*