Am I Falling For Him? The Love Quiz

You think about him all the time, but you're unsure whether this is out of habit and you're really over him, or if you're thinking of him a lot because you still like him.

We all go through this confusion! Take the quiz and find out how you honestly feel about this guy now.

  • 1
    "Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about."

    Be honest, did you just think about him?
    "Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about." Be honest, did you just think about him?
  • 2
    Your friends know his life story - even though they're not friends with him, or don't even know him.
  • 3
    You find yourself making excuses to see him.

  • 4
    Have you cried over him? For any reason?
  • 5
    Have you been through a lot together? Do you have memories and a friendship to fall back on?
  • 6
    When you talk to him, you behave...

  • 7
    Does he notice you? Be honest!
  • 8
    The closest answer to how you think of him is...
  • 9
    What are your conversations like?
  • 10
    Why aren't you guys dating yet? Give your best guess.

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43 days ago
Believe it or not, im an 11 year old girl and i accidentally fell for someone who i unfortunately had to leave behind ... I didnt want this! I'm going into highschool in a few weeks and honestly, this is the first time in 8 years where I just didn't know where to start or what to do ... I still think about "him" all the time and I refuse to believe i will never get a chance to get to him again. I'm praying to see him again. It's embarrassing that I literally lose 2 hours of my sleep every day because I pray to see this guy again. I've fallen really bad for a trap .. and plus, he's 2 years younger than me so it'll take 2 years for some hope to come because (i doubt it tho) i hope he might come to the same highschool .. but I don't think that will ever happen because his brother goes to a different highschool so there's a chance he might go along w/ his brother .. btw good luck with ya'll's relationships with ur crushes
90 days ago
Double Update: He likes me but doesn’t have time for a relationship right now with work and family issues and he doesn’t want to put me through that :( . Hopefully in the future tho we can work something out
96 days ago
Update: Things are going as well as they can with my crush. He's been super busy recently since his family owns a construction company and they're trying to finish up the remainder of this big job before they leave for a two-month vacation. I haven't seen much of him since he has to leave during class to help his family and is at work until late at night. It's really sad because we only have one more day until the class is done and that'll be the last time I see him. He wanted to study with me for this last test but couldn't because he was so busy. I wanted to ask him to hang out and watch some fireworks this weekend but I don't think he'll be able to. It's a bummer but there's not much I can do. On the bright side, I got two hugs out of him because I crocheted him a little soccer ball. He was so happy :)
101 days ago
@cant decide

Thank you so much for your advice! I definitely will make the most of the limited time I have left to see him. Maybe I’ll get a hug out of him on the last day.. Who knows lol. I’ll try and tell him how I feel but easier said than done. I’ll keep you updated :) I’m sorry about your crush tho! That’s such a bummer you don’t have any way of contacting him. I’m lucky enough to have my crush’s number and socials. At that point, I’d probably mindlessly search through instagram until I found him.
101 days ago
@Hopeless Romantic

Based off of my experience, he LIKES YOU, girl. My ex boyfriend used to act and do the same things around me when he liked me. (We dated but the relationship didnt work out and we decided it would be better off to be friends).'

I totally get how you feel. My school year just ended and i wish i spent more time with my crush since i dont have him on social media and i dont have his number. i would make the most out of it, talk to him more, maybe even go in for a hug. Trust me, dont let your class end without letting him know how you feel. And if things don't work out, you can still be friends, just like me and my ex.

Best of luck! :)
101 days ago
So there's this guy.. I feel like that's how all conversations about crushes start. But seriously, there's this guy and he's the literal highlight of my day. I'm excited to go to class just to see him; it's pretty pathetic. We sit next to each other, walk out together, study together on FaceTime; it's been a literal fever dream. Currently, we're just friends but I'm really hoping we end up being more. I've noticed he's started wearing cologne around me, which has to mean somethingg. He's a bit shy but soo cute and really kind and considerate. Unfortunately, the class is ending soon and I don't think I'll see him again as we both attend different colleges. I really hope he asks me out, but if not then I guess it just isn't meant to be. undefined
106 days ago
Im really falling for him…?
114 days ago
@Em needs help

So, I told my bestie about Blondie and she fully supports me! we had the dance a few days ago and i didnt necessarily "go with him" but we hung out a lot during it. the theme of the dance was royal gala, so i wore a tiara, like most girls did, and most guys wore a crown. at one point, i 😍ed blondies crown and was running around the dance floor with heels, wearing his crown on my head. he was chasing me, and i gave it back. that moment was a highlight of my night.

recently, my feelings for him have grown, and ive been hanging out with him a lot more. thank you again for the advice, girl! :)
123 days ago
@Em needs help

Tysm for the advice! I definitely think im starting to develop feelings for Blondie.

I totally understand how you feel with A. in my opinion, i feel like you miss the way it used to be with him and you should text him or talk to him about it. from what it looks like, he most likely is feeling the same way. trust your gut and do what you think is beneficial to your future with or without A.

again thanks for the advice, girl, love you and hope everything goes well! :)
127 days ago
Also something else abt A.
Hes SUPER I treated abt me
Like wants to know everything abt me
My music, goals, plans for future, bucket list, travel stuff, jobs, college…
127 days ago

This guy- A:
-very popular
- super hot
-extremely athletic (track)
-very interested in me and my life and my interests
-super confident and flirty
-has experience: at least 2 girlfriends 1. He had made out with her fs (abt 1.5 hrs ago)
2. Serious relationship and def went to 4th base with her A LOT
-maybe kinda bad? Heard a lot of rumors abt drinking and stuff
-very smart but doesn’t always try. But he is ssooooooo hot when he does
- tried to show off around me

I’m a little goody two shoes and I have no interest in sex, alcohol, drugs…. Anything!!!
I also rlly prioritize my schoolwork soooo
127 days ago
@cant decide

Alright, so I think that blondie sounds like ur guy. It sounds like you are good friends with him and that you are comfortable together! I think that if your feelings for blondie are overpowering the ones for zoo then you should listen to your gut. Go to the dance with him and see how it feels.
Also your bsf will support u no matter what if she is truly ur bestie!!
Lmk how it goes!!!
127 days ago
Hey guys! I need some outside advice.

So there’s this guy- we’ll call him A. We were in the same group for a history project in march (2 months ago). Immediately he started flirting with me. We started snapping and he asked me to the spring semi. Soon he came over to my house and we watched a movie. He put his arm around me and we hugged goodbye. But after that hangout I got a really big ick. I’m not really sure why. I think it’s because everything was just so awkward…
But anyways abt 1 week later I called him and told him I wasn’t ready for a relationship. He was super understanding about it. That was 1 month ago. Now for the past week I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him. I keep going back and forth but I think I want him back?!

I need some advice!!! Also above I’ll maybe post some more background??

But anyways thanks for reading this and let me know!!!
131 days ago
so i have a crush on this guy, (we'll call him "Zoo") and ive liked him for about 4 months. ive always thought he was cute, but never actually had a crush on him until i broke up with my very toxic boyfriend (who we can call "Toxic"), thats when i started talking to him more and then i realized i liked him. id say we're pretty good friends, we talk pretty much everyday and hes a really cool guy. hes one of the popular guys in my grade and class (theres a group of 4 guys in my class who are like the "main" or "popular" guys that everyone knows, and hes one of them. we can call this group "The Boys"). im pretty good friends with every member of The Boys (which includes the leader, "Bob Ross", the secondary member, "Zoo", and the other two members, "Blondie" and "Curly".) all the members of The Boys are really attractive, in fact, they are pretty much known for being cute in our school. I like Zoo a lot and he always makes me laugh. Theres a dance coming up, and i really want to ask him to go with me, but i dont know if he has a crush on someone else. i think he might like me but im not sure yet.

Now, another member of The Boys, "Blondie" is a really good friend of mine. hes my closest guy friend and he ALWAYS talks to me. we sit together in most of our classes, so we are always having conversations and thats why we know so much about eachother. Blondie is like a best friend and a brother to me. Before I started dating "Toxic" (who is now my ex), everyone had a suspicion that Blondie had a crush on me, and i thought so, too. Toxic eventually asked Blondie if he liked me, and Blondie tried to avoid the question in a way that sounded like he definently had some type of feelings towards me, but i didnt have a crush on him, which made me feel bad. eventually, me and Toxic started dating and it seemed like Blondie felt a little heartbroken. i noticed how he was acting and started spending more time with Blondie. not long later, i broke up with Toxic for a number of reasons. since then, me and Blondie have gotten very close and we are always talking and hanging out. I have a feeling he likes me, but im not sure if i like him or not. lately, ive been feeling differently towards him, something inside me is losing feelings for Zoo (even though i still like him), and gaining some feeling towards Blondie. in fact, at school a few days ago, i got dropped off and was waiting outside of the school until homeroom started, when his parents dropped him off (which was unusual, since he rides the bus). he came out of his car and immediately approached me. my feet felt numb and i could feel the butterflies roaming in my stomach. i greeted him and he stood right next to me, smiling and talking. something inside me wanted to hug him when i saw him, but the introverted side of me pulled away, and i didnt.

in conclusion, the feelings i am gaining for Blondie are overpowering the feelings i have for Zoo, and im not sure what to do: continue liking Zoo and stay friends with Blondie, or stop liking Zoo and act on my feelings for Blondie. I want to go to the dance with Blondie but my best friend thinks it would be weird since me and Blondie are best friends. My best friend doesnt know that i have some type of feelings for Blondie, and i dont know if im going to tell her or not. Someone help!
132 days ago
he liked me 4 years ago 😭 but i don't think he likes me now (i'm trying to be hopeful though)
149 days ago
so uh, i met this guy online and we became friends. We started hanging out in irl. Hes the only one nice to me but hes gay T-T.
153 days ago
I think about him all the time like right now he is SOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!
244 days ago
So I got the falling hard answer…
I took this quiz because I care about him a lot but felt uncertain of how I felt. I think he is falling in love too, he says he can’t stop thinking about me and talks a lot about a future for us together, he’s scared I will forget about him when I move away.
I think I love him, but I’m also frightened as he is my first boyfriend and am afraid of getting hurt or doing something I regret, he’s a few years older.
Some advice would be hugely appreciated.
273 days ago
I think I really like him , but I don't know these are the reasons that are holding me back :
1. im 16 and he's 18 , but we've been close friends for a while
2. I don't what his plans are for life , he struggles with anxiety and i don't know if that will hold him back
3. since he struggles with anxiety , i don't want him to have to 100% lean on me for everything . we can lean on each other , but I want him to be happy with himself so it doesn't accidentally drag him down
4. we share the same friend group ...
5. I've been hurt so many times the idea of trust and love scares me ..
6. I have absolutely NO CLUE how he feels
1. he's the sweetest , most genuine , respectful person ever
2. we share the same music taste and sports teams
3. HES A VIRGIN !! that's big for me because I've only ever been used for my body , and he said he wants to wait till he finds the right person !
4. I know a lot about him and he knows a lot about me
5. I feel so safe around him , and I struggle with feeling safe
297 days ago
@Why did I take this quiz again
Omg I understand you so much. I wish you luck! Unfortunately, my situation is almost impossible, but what can I do? Anyways, good luck with him! 💗💗💖