~*The Ex Test~*
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~*The Ex Test~*

Are ready to find out if you need to get over your ex? Or to find out if you're already over him/her? It will all come out after a few simple questions are answered!

Question 1:Your ex's home phone number is:
In my phone book. Here let me go grab it....
Oh, that?! That number was some piece of paper I threw away a long time ago!
I think it is on my speed dial...

Question 2:You're goin' to this really cool party down the street. What-do-you-know??! You see your ex, he sees you you. You:
Run away, barely holding back tears. The pain....
Say hello quickly, and pretend that you have better things to do.
You have a brief conversation with him/her. You know?! The simple stuff, ex: How's your family, friends, school goin'; you know!?

Question 3:When your grandmother asks about 'that nice young man/lady,' what do you say?
I quickly change the subject............................Don't wanna burst into another tear-fit....
I quickly explain about the break-up.
I tell her that things didn't work out. Also, I go into short-detail about the problems in the relationship.

Question 4:Today is your ex's birthday. You:
Go out and buy him a present, feeling guilty.
Give him/her a quick call.
Quickly brush the thought, maybe thinking about how he is doing, nothing more........

Question 5:You find an article of clothing that belongs to your ex, you:
Plan to clean with it.
Plan to sleep with it.
Donate it.

Question 6:Your ex writes you a letter, asking you back out. You:
Automatically decline; the thought of why you guys broke up.
Try to keep your heart from fluttering into your rib-cage, although you don't exactly plan on saying yes.
You only read the the first two sentences, and instantly accept; you've been waiting for this moment.

Question 7:Your ex is always staring at you in class. The way you see it is:
I hope he/she wants me back.
You think nothing much of it.
You barely even notice.

Question 8:If you had the chance to get back w/ your ex, would you take it?

Question 9:Do you know why you and your ex broke up?
Of course, every detail! You see.......
More no than yes. But yes, a little.
Yes, but I don't really care anymore.

Question 10:Do you think your ex will get back w/ you?
I hope so....
No, but I kinda want to........
No, and I don't want to.........

Question 11:Do you think this evaluation will come out accurate? I mean, are you sure of yourself?

Question 12:Did you lie in any way, shape, or form about anything on this test?

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