Do You Want Your Ex Back
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Do You Want Your Ex Back

Do you think that you want your ex back? Take this test and you will know

Question 1:Do you think of your ex when you are....
When the phone rings
Talking on the phone to you bf/gf
When you have sex
I don't think about them

Question 2:When you see your ex do you.....
Run up to them and hug them
Show them that you don't care
Tell them how much you miss them
Walk the other way

Question 3:When you see your ex with someone new do you....
Show them that you have someone too
Go home and tell yourself that he move on to fast
Go home and cry
Look and go on

Question 4:Do you still call your exs mom?
To talk to her about him
To see how she is doing
To talk to him

Question 5:Do you ...
Go to his house and sit
Forget about him
Go to the places you know your exs is at

Question 6:Do you think about how....
It would of been like to marry him
You are better off with out him
He is without you

Question 7:Can you say that you....
Are the only one for him and you don't know why he is with that bitch
Love to make him want you back
Are soooo over him

Question 8:Do you think that I'm
Over my ex
Need to be with my ex
Or crazy

Question 9:When you hear you and you exs songs what do you do?
Walk out of the room
Cry and say that you guys will be together again
Why do I have to stop liking a song just because of them

Question 10:Do you think this test helped you?
NO but you need help
Hell noo
I don't know

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