Do I Still Love My Ex?

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Did you have a breakup, but you think deep down (or maybe right up top) that you still love your ex? It happens all the time, so don't feel silly or bad about it. After all, breakups are rarely completely amicable or equitable. Just take this quiz to find out for sure how you feel, so you'll know what to do if you're still wanting your ex.

  • 1
    Who ended the relationship?
    Who ended the relationship?
  • 2
    After you guys broke up, did you ever text him again?
  • 3
    Do you ever see him? What happens?

  • 4
    Is he in a relationship currently?
  • 5
    Are you in a relationship?
  • 6
    You see your ex walking with his new girlfriend. You:

  • 7
    How long has it been since you two broke up?
  • 8
    Why did you guys end the relationship?
  • 9
    His friends come up to you and they:
  • 10
    Whenever you see your ex, you:

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8 days ago
I met my first love when I was only 11 years old, we were childhood friends that time we were playing outside with other friends, and we were like cat & dog we always teasing each other and get annoyed, most especially if one of us get lose at the game, it was back 2011. Until one day some of his cousins & playmates teases him that he had a crush on me, and when I heard it I smiled deep inside having you know butterflies in stomach. Until I found myself peeping at the window when I heard him outside dribbling the ball, looking at him then when he passed by I’ll write in my diary bout him. Until when I was in 2nd year highschool, I’d enrolled myself in a new school then I didn’t expect that we’ll be classmates when he suddenly come to me and ask me if what’s my section. And that’s all started, he courted me for 1 year, after I answered his “I LOVE YOU”, Finally I’ve already said “I LOVE YOU TOO” for the first time. He was my first hug, first kiss, and my first love. He was my pure and innocent love, until one day, after 1 year and a half month, I’ve decided to broke up with him because his love for me are so unhealthy, it become obsession, and he forgot how to cherish and excel himself which I hate the most, I wanted him to love himself and study well, I wanted him to know his priority, I’m not his only one priority. We lost the spark, we’re always being together, from the morning until I got home in the afternoon after class, and in the night he’ll visit me in the house. We lost the excitement of seeing each other. We always together, and he gets jealous when I’m with other friends even they’re girls. He just want all of my attention to him which is not normal, it’s toxic! And when I said I want to broke up with him he’ll said to me that he’ll do suicide, and I’m afraid. Until one day I take all the courage and I broke up with him, 2016 that year. And after we broke up he always did some efforts to win me back but I didn’t want. I will just ignore him. Until after graduation we departed, and I didn’t see him just like the old days when we’ll just 8 homes away, that day I’ve realized that I missed him so much and I want him back, but it’s too late he became famous after he joined the tv contest, I’ve cried so hard!! 2017 when he messaged my IG account, he said “how are you?” He didn’t expect that I would reply, and then we started to have a conversation again after I dumped him so many times after our break up, I said I still love him and I’ve realized it when I didn’t see and feel him around anymore, he said to me that it’s my fault, and I said so sorry for how many times, and he said he still loves me, and then every year we’ll come to each other and saying we couln’t forget each other and we still love each other, and then year March 2020 someone pursued me again, that time I still love him and I dared myself if I typed a message for him asking if how are him, I will dumped this boy who courted me, and yeah! I typed a message for him and then we started to have a heart to heart conversation again, he asking me if how I am, and if there’s someone new that courting me, I said yes, but I still love him and he said “he still love me too.” And then when we ended our convo, I dumped someone who courted me. (This guy courted me even though he knew I’m still inlove with my first love) Until one day, there’s a girl messaged me using his account that she’s his girlfriend and stopping me for bothering his boyfriend saying that Im still inlove with him. I said sorry, and I didn’t know that he’s in a relationship already because he said to me that he’s still inlove with me! It wasn’t my intention to ruined their relationship. And I blocked him in all my social media accounts, and that’s how it ended. We never saw each other again until now it’s 2021. I remember our promise to each other back January 2019 we said to each other if after 2 years and we’re still inlove to each other, we’ll come back. Actually after his girlfriend messaged me I knew to myself that I’ve already move on, but now, I still found myself taking this survey and typing this long story. Oh it sucks!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m really confused.
27 days ago
idk if i love him or not.. i dated this guy name Rodrigo.. i had known him since 2nd grade.. in 3rd grade me and him didn't talk like in 2nd.. then in 4th he started making fun of me (bullying) me with some other kids.. then in 5th grade we started talking and js were friends.. when i moved to middle school he went to the same middle school i went.. when i started 6th grade i saw him but i never felt anything for him ever since i met him in 6th grade we were js complete strangers like fr.. then in 7th grade he dm me on my instagram saying "hey" and js texting me as friends until one day he asked me if i liked anyone i told him yes which was true bc i liked the person i was in a relationship wit.. i kinda started to sus that he liked me or sum and turns out he did but i was in a relationship.. then my relationship ended nd i started to discover that i was catchin feelings for him so i told him and me and him were offical 12/10/20 when we first started dating everything was going good but then our relationship started changing.. one day he broke up wit me but then told me he was "just playing" so i took him back but then our relationship was not like before .. days passed after we got back and den i decided to break up wit him.. though after i regret it he told me he understand-ed the fact i regreted breaking up wit him and how i should have thought before i spoke.. he was gonna think about getting back wit me but then he was supposedly js "talking" wit sum girl but right when they started talking they get together.. thats when my heart broke into pieces bc i had lost my shot with him and he was gone forever.. so now im single but not ready to mingle lmao
35 days ago
I miss him he is a year older than me and I don't ever see him but he lives on my road. We broke up because he went to middle school. Next year we might get back together. I just noticed how much I care about him. He road my bus and the day he said he liked me my heart did a backflip.
47 days ago
So we've been broken up for a few months and I am not sure if I want to go back with him I think I still have feelings I might talk to him I really don't know at this point but what I really know is that hes still thinking about me he's still somewhere thinking about me and yeah.
55 days ago
Alright my bf broke up with me about 1 month or 2 months ago over text. He meant the absolute world to me but i could tell he was drifting away. He stop texting me a lot, ft calls were shorter, he had excuses why he didn't give me attention, but overall i didn't care bc he was my everything. On October 11 he texted me asking me how i was and suddenly just said " i love you so much but, we should break up" I knew this day was coming and when i saw those words tears filled my eyes. He knew how hurt i was already because of the people i dated before and he did that exact same thing. I asked him why but all he said was because i was ignoring him. I soon found out that the reason we broke up was because his girl best friend, liked him and didn't want her to be sad. So me crying he dumps me to make his girl bff feel better and they only been friends for 3 months and me and my bf dated for 1 year. Me and him r on good terms and me and that girl don't really like each other but its whatever. i'm now vv single soooo. This all happened in my eight grade year we broke up and dated 7th grade year.

My relationship: September 30, 2019 - October 11, 2020
60 days ago
Yesterday my bf dumped me over TEXT. I am still crying. I told one of my friends I was going to dump him but I guess I still have feelings.
65 days ago
new update: one of my friends told the guy I like that I like him. it also turns out that the guy I like doesn't have a girlfriend they are just very flirty. i need advice because I don't want to lose him as my friend
67 days ago
update: the guy that i had a crush on got a girlfriend at the start of the week and I have been so awkward around them I should have taken my shot with him. i have so many regrets I really wish I had asked that guy out. i have effectively ruined my love life
72 days ago
I broke up with my bf of almost 2 years bc I had been kind of sad and I isolated myself from a lot of ppl I cared about so we weren’t talking as much. I felt that I didn’t really love him anymore but then there were times where I was so sure that I loved him. I really didn’t know what to do but I had made the decision to break up with him. I avoided talking to him bc I didn’t want to break up with him but knew it was better than just stringing him along. Eventually I did it and I didn’t think I’d cry while doing it but I did, and it made me realize that I can think of countless of reasons as to why I love him. We still text every now and then and are on good terms but I still really miss him. I’m so stupid for not realizing that I had such a great guy and then broke up with him :( idk if he still has feelings for me tho, it seems that he got over the breakup pretty fast but idk how he feels about me in that way now :(
81 days ago
he was my first boyfriend and we were together for almost 2 years. i loved him but in that time we never kissed and we only started hugging after like 10 months. i broke up with him because I wanted him to have a better relationship and also becuz he had a crush on my friend of 8 years he is currently at another school and will b returning next year. i truly loved him and it took me almost 10 months to move on.

now im crushing on one of his friends. my ex and i r on good terms although we havent talked since start of august. i wanted to know if there was still part of me that loved him which now i know there will always b becuz he was my first boyfriend.

his name is jake. we started dating when we were in grade 6 his was 12 and i was 11.

est 14th of September 2018- 12th of march 2020
102 days ago
he was my first kiss... my mum said im too younge for love though.
128 days ago
I used to date a guy but only liked him as a friend. He was my first kiss.
179 days ago
Broke up with my ex 2 years ago now and its not that i still have mad feelings for him but i feel as though we ended things on bad terms when the situation could've gone better.

I moved on not that long after our break up but no one ever seemed to come as close as the relationship i had with him, maybe it was because we were together for 3 years or maybe because we just connected on a deeper level. We don't see each other anymore and used to argue very often, i think that's the main reason why i had to end things between us, regardless of the feelings i had towards him. He mentally manipulated me and now that i'm outside of the relationship i can see and understand where things went wrong, although i'm not stating that i was perfect, we all make mistakes.

Part of me still loves him and i believe that if you truly love someone then feelings aren't going to sway that easily or quickly and that it will take time for your heart to heal. However, i did have trust issues as he moved away and we had a long distance relationship for a while which i didn't necessary like but accepted because our bond was strong enough to conquer any situation or difficulty in our relationship.

He had a very jealous personality trait and often told me to not speak or have contact with male friends, this put pressure on our relationship because it was almost as if he didn't trust me.
I always say that if your partner doesn't trust you, then there's no point in having that relationship because all relationships should be built on trust and communication, and that is something that we lacked.

Always know your self worth and don't let anybody change you (unless its for the best) and remember that you are important and deserve respect and to be loved just as much as anyone else. If you're currently going through a break up or a rough time, i pray that you'll heal and find peace within yourself :)
195 days ago
me and this kid talmed for a while maybe 3 months then he ended things. now hes texting me and stuff like telling me how he messed up but im not sure what hes trying to say. on the other hand, me n someone, ima call him john, we met a couple dayd ago n we been texting nonstop and like be says hes down to hang but idk if i actually like em like that.someone helpp
196 days ago
Beautiful day for me and aiden is a good ship and then I have a question about the game was wondering
196 days ago
I met him when I was 18 he liked me and I liked him he pressured me to have *ex and we did he broke up with me when he found out it was a girl im sad she is growing up with out her dad😿
198 days ago
And NO ONE WORRY. I never act myself when it comes to boys. And i have ruined my (already terrible) reputation a countless amount of times.
198 days ago
My ex and I were together for 2 weeks. I was in grd 4 and he was in grd 5. And even though he was in my class the next year, we have NEVER had a convo! EVER!!!
200 days ago
211 days ago
When I met him I was 13,or maybe 14. I didn't know thousands of things at the time,but I'm sure I knew Love and what it was. He acted like he loved me and he did say that several times. He has had a tough life and all I was thinking about was trying to heal him from that bad childhood happenings cuz I had experienced the same things and could understand. But all he did was that he took advantage of me and then he changed the city he lived in and didn't call me ever again. I always thought that the situation of life MADE him to do that and that was not what he wanted cuz he left with no explanation. I'm 20 now and I was about to even forget his last name that I saw him this summer. It seems funny that the pain that I had seemingly gone through 6 years ago suddenly started to hurt me again. I could do nothing but just ask him why he left me and did he really love me or not. He asked me if I wanna know the truth or no and I said yes so he told that in fact he didn't love me at all. He even said that he feels REALLY bad that he hurt me in the past and he'll do anything he can to help me forget that bad memories. But he could do nothing cuz All that could make me feel better was that he begs me on his knees and wants me back and I give him a simple 💑 and tell him 💑 you don't deserve me! So I feel that I was not unworthy and unlovable that he rejected me like that but he did all but nothing like that.