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Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me? The Ex Love Quiz

You had quite a thing for each other back in the day - do you still? Find out if your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you! It can't hurt to take a simple quiz if you're wondering, does my ex still love me? I hope you find out the answer you're looking for!

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    Are you and your ex still friends?

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11 days ago
Sooo i should hate my him but I just can't. We broke up like half a year ago and he said he wanted me back. I wanted to get back with him but my friends said that I shouldnt. So and o catched feelings for him again and I dont know what to do... he seemed happy but he is completly diffrent than before... he cant foces for a long time but when we were together he always tried donig his best in class. And I now realise how much he meant to me...should i get back with him if he still wants me?
57 days ago
my ex broke up with me because his friends voted to
209 days ago
he doesn’t talk to me bc he said he still needed more time but i swear he looks sad all the time and looks at me when i’m not looking
274 days ago
So does he or she still have a thing for you? It's possible. I'd say give it some time, then go for it if you're still into your ex and/or haven't met someone new and wonderful. Show your ex what you'd do for him or her, and that you still care. Maybe ask friends to find out if he/she thinks that breaking up was a mistake and would like you back. I hope it all works out great!

Ok ex's are toxic anyways and he is a b**** for what he did why would i want him back just wanted to see what is would say
314 days ago
I hate my ex. He is the rudest being on the planet. He throws sticks at me and my friends and he shoves me and used to push me to the ground. Yeah.
315 days ago
I already know how she feels, hence the repeated attempts at trying to contact me every few months
315 days ago
These types of quizes don't even work idk why I bothered with them
315 days ago
I stopped taking this inaccurate quiz when they included the unrealistic scenario of being assigned to sit next to each other lol NOT all couples are in school
447 days ago
lmao why is this so inaccurate…
457 days ago
take peoples hats and convince guys to give you food and pester them until they giveu food
506 days ago
LMOA I feel you 😭
574 days ago
Yea my ex i was really in love with but he seemed so distant sometimes and I think it was toxic so now I have some trust issues
607 days ago
my ex is a jerk so do not trust men
652 days ago
he/her???? Excuse me??? My ex is non binary thank you
699 days ago
Why isn't there a yes answer to does your ex look at you. Sounds like loaded question that way
717 days ago
actually he didin't wan't to broke up with me but his father forced him to marry someone he don't want that's the problem..
717 days ago
He broke up with me today the day after Valentine's day and he didn't even ask me to be his Valentine plus last year he rejected me on Valentine's day I hate Valentine's day and I wish it didn't exist
729 days ago
My ex and i started off as friends.. Then i told him i liked him.. he didnt feel the same way so me and him became best friends then we were offical on 11/28/20 then on 12/10/20 it was over.. We still talk and ft but i want to be what we used to be.. i have never felt this way for anybody 😭
732 days ago
I so miss my X. I will even just be her friend if she is happy with it but no she doesn't want . We were friends for 11 years before we hooked up then after 6 she said good bye 😥
732 days ago
I miss her. She left me due to the old things we did as a kid. Never heard my story. Etc.. I really want her back. She ghosted me, but I still love her.