Does He Still Like Me? Quiz

Have you ever broken up with a guy but still had feelings for him? If you're saying, "No, DUH!" do you sometimes wonder if he still likes you, despite whatever happened to break you up? This is your quiz! Find out, "Does he still like me?" right now.

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    Do you two go to the same school?

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419 days ago
what the hell? says he wants me back. i like, hate him. he is a total ๐Ÿ˜
428 days ago
Grace do you go to winsor park if do who is it
660 days ago
The test results were definitely So I might ask him if we can try again I donโ€™t know why he broke up with me we were perfect for each other Even all my friends say or you and George ( my ex) are perfect ๐Ÿ‘Œ you should get back so I might ask him ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜
671 days ago
Jason if your reading this.;
STOP IT.LITERALLY STOP IT.IDGAF ABOUT U ANYMORE.I ignore u cz i dont wanna talk to you,idc if u like when i ignore u or not.Please stop with the **** that u do to me.I loved you literally with all my heart,but now,I DONT.if u ever loed me,u never would've even thought of cheating on me.DID U EVEN REALIZE HOW HEARTBROEKN I WAS!???!!THA TIME,U JUST IGNORED ME,AND NOW U WANT ME BACK!?Stop kissing me,stop hugging me,stop flirting with me,stop texting mw,stop doing "that" to me,stop falling for me.WHY DO U CARE ABOUT ME NOW!?OH BC UR GF BROKE UP WITH YOU AND YOU'LL CHEAT ON ME AGAIN,IF U FIND SOMEONE HOTTER!????!OK.JUST STOP IT.just accept this.I moved on,i found someone new,i dont like you anymore.
-your ex
671 days ago
when i was at the 5th question,i got a message from him saying "Hey,so i know,we broke up 2 months ago,but i really miss you..we still do chat,but to you,i'm just a friend,but to me,your way more than a friend..Can we restart pls??"
idk what to say...the result i got is "DEFINATELY!" good thing:this quiz was accurate;)Second thing;i have a new bf now,what do i say to him!?!?idk----
752 days ago
I broke up wit him because he never loved me and cheated on me
753 days ago
I broke up with him and he wants me back when i learned it i freaked out because he cheated on me with a ๐Ÿค but thank God i moved on ( he was toxic)
812 days ago
haha we broke up because we never talked, he didn't like me, AND we got in a fight
820 days ago
Hi josua if ur reading this
I donโ€™t like you itโ€™s obvs u like me. leave me alone Iโ€™m trans and ur not gay and I have a gf U KNOW THAT SO PLZ LEAVE ME ALONE
-ur ex
830 days ago
I broke up with this amazing guy last year and he told me he wants me back what should I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
842 days ago
Ok, so! There's this guy I've liked for sometime now, we work at the same place but different offices. At his office there was a particular girl he was always free with chatting her,has her number while I have been trying to get his (not meeting him up and asking for his number) suddenly the crush died๐Ÿ˜ช There was a certain day I had glint of tears in my eyes then since then we've been quite cool cos like he talks to me, smile makes eye contact with me (at this point the crush was back) but then as soon as he hangs out with his friends right there in the office he seems to grow cold to me. Does he actually like me? If he actually liked me did the crush died suddenly?

NB: he's my type of guy...
889 days ago
Hey me and my ex Chris broke up recently cuz he cheated and Iโ€™m kinda happy cus now I have a date with my best friend that all ways smiles at me during class time and itโ€™s soo cute ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜‚ also his name is Bodie and I all ways play with his cute hair and Iโ€™m lucky to do that cuz Chris wouldnโ€™t let me so...yh and I rlly think dat me and Bodie are soulmates ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅฐโค๏ธ BTW if a boy ever cheats on you go over to his house and kick his ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜GIRLS RULE ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–โค๏ธโค๏ธ Luv you girls
894 days ago
okay so to give you an idea on time distance, i'm writing this on aug. 22, 2020. so me and this guy have known each other for months and we've liked each other (until i messed things up anyways) since may. well at the very beginning of june, my phone got taken away so we literally talked over a school chromebook and my landline phone ๐Ÿ˜‚. it sounds funny but we had to make do so like. but anyway, as school started coming back we FINALLY got together and it was great, he was always there and we talked all the time. school started and me and my girl bsf (also his cousin) saw him and i got happy but we had no classes together (we're both 13 in 8th grade...). within about.. 3 days?... of school starting, i THOUGHT i fell for one of my other exes (who was my guy bsf) so i broke it off to get my s*it together. he was pretty upset for a few days which honestly i dont blame him and i have no idea why i thought breaking up with him was smart because it WASNT it was a super dumb move. well, we stayed friends and i called him spicy white boy in a teasing way and he'd always smile (it was cute lol) and he was always there to talk to. a few days ago i was going through something bad and he said he still had feelings and didn't wanna lose me and when i read that i was like "well s*it, i miss him... i still like him i should prolly tell him." except the funny thing is i DIDNT tell him and i dont know why but i wanted to wait til we talked in person... yesterday night we were all hanging out at the skating rink and i got my girl bsf to tell him but apparently he didnt listen to ANYTHING she said. well his friends were tryna find someone for him to do the swerve prank thing to and they picked me not knowing... well this mf DOES it and then i spent most of my night crying in the bathroom. my friends tell him and then it turns out he doesnt like me anymore because he thought I didnt feel the same so he gave up and now im left here feeling like a complete heartless ๐Ÿฌ and i honestly have no idea what to do....

if someone could reply with some help or SOMETHING that'd be amazing because im very confused xx
926 days ago
So he liked me a lot for a while and then I started to catch feelings so we we went out and it was all good but then obviously THAT girl had to get involved so I started noticing how he got closer to her and would try and talk to her as much as possible but just left be in the dump so when I had enough I confronted him and he got really mad saying they were "just friends " and then well he broke up with me and then for some reason he kept on texting me and one time even flirted with me and at that time I still liked him so I flirted back but then all of a sudden he says he liked the girl he said he was " just friends " with and I got mad and he got mad and we stopped talking and now idk what my life is anymore so yay( I'm 12 btw yes ik very young to be in a relationship)
1036 days ago
I feel like he didn't care from the beginning because I was always the one to text him first and I was the one to make the first move and admit my feelings and I thought I did a good job of being a girl friend if you understand what I mean cuz I texted good morning and goodnight and I would always take his feelings into consideration but he used to make up excuses not to talk me but now he just doesn't respond all together so I don't know what to do
1036 days ago
I am just so sad and confused because I really like my boyfriend but he doesn't seem to care anymore he used to be so nice and we would text for hours a day but now we barely talk I try to reach out but he barely even reasponds I just want to know if he likes me or not
1133 days ago
Okay so about a month ago he said he needed space to think about the realashionship (he thought we were to young to date) (even though we are 15 almost 16) and he had an ex girlfriend. But then he started to drop some hints that he still likes me. Then he started to TALK WITH MY FRIEND. I don't know who he likes or if he is trying to make me jealous. Because my bestie says he only talks with her when I'm around. But then one day he passed to her (my friend) notes in class. My bestie said that what was written in it that he wanted to tell her something about LOVE. Idk how to feel. I am pretty sure tho that he doesn't like me๐Ÿ™‚
1224 days ago
we didnt break up or anything. there was another girl. i hated her so much. me and him used to talk every day. then she came and he drifted apart from me..
1315 days ago
so i liked him and he liked me but we were both to shy to talk and later he tried to talk to me but i didn't notice so he gave up i like him i think he still likes me but my bff likes him 2 now.HELP ME PLZ
1421 days ago
he liked me and i liked him back. he started liking me towards the end of yr 8 and i started liking him around the xmas of yr 9. and then in march he was like to me that he didnt like me anymore. and i cried so much cos his friends kept going on about how he was gonna ask me out in yr 10 and stuff like that. and the friday b4 he told me he didnt like me he told his friends that i liked him. i was hoping so much that he was joking but he wasnt. and the thing is we only talk via text, not even in person so whenever i came home i was excited about talking to him but now i can't cos now its different. and its been nearly half a yr since ive acc spoken to him in person. i feel so sad. :(