He's Still Friends With His Ex, Should You Worry?
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He's Still Friends With His Ex, Should You Worry?

Yeah, yeah, he's with you now, but could that change?

Question 1:   Does he still talk to his ex?
Yes, pretty regularly.
I don't know.
Sometimes(or when they run into each other)

Question 2:   Were he and his ex friends before they started dating?
I don't know.
They knew each other enough to say "Hi."

Question 3:   How would you best describe how he handles you w/ relation to his ex.
He introduced us (OR/ is very open about their relationship)
He doesn't seem to be comfortable w/ the situation.
He hasn't introduced us.
He's introduced us & seems to encourage us to be friends.(OR N/A)

Question 4:   Has he ever lied to you about their relationship?
Not that I know of.
I think so, but I haven't had any proof.

Question 5:   Has he cheated on other girlfriends?
Not that I know of.
Yes, he cheated on a g/f once.(someone other than me.)
Yes, he's done it a couple times.(Or/ He cheated on me.)

Question 6:   Were they together less, or more time than you & he have been together?
I don't know.(Or/ not sure)
About the same.

Question 7:   Does he talk to her more often when you & he are fighting/arguing?
Not that I've noticed.
No. (or N/A)
Now that you mention it...

Question 8:   Did his parents like her?
They're pretty indifferent.
Yes, like an adopted daughter.
Yes. (OR/ I don't know.)
No (or N/A)

Question 9:   How would you rate her in the looks category?
She's not ugly.
She's quite attractive.(OR/ I don't know.)
She could hold her own w/ Angelina Jolie.
She's been ticketed for violating leash laws.*WOOF*

Question 10:   How would you rate your looks compared to hers?
I am slightly prettier.
About the same. (OR/ you don't know.)
I am, hands down, MUCH prettier.
She is definitely more attractive.

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