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Get it Out There - Your Sex Secrets from the Past

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I have developed some quizzes that bring you back in time, and in some cases, help you remember the old days. Now, let's see how you feel and remember that ONE big one BEFORE you made a commitment. (Have fun, be honest please and remember, my quizzes are or women only and over the age of 35.) This quiz should make you think about where you are and where you came from. I for one, told my husband some of the sexual activities I was into on occasion, and even after years of me holding back, just doing this quiz and other similar to it felt good and also allowed me to just enjoy where I came from. The first time I did one of these myself, I decided to talk to him about it, and guess what...he was totally turned on, even though I reversed a couple of prior confessionals! Forgive me Father for I HAVE SINNED! Remember...NO NAMES...EVER...make them up if necessary!

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    I am in a relationship of over 10 years.
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    When I compare my current relationship to others from my past, there is no comparison overall. I am totally satisfied.
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    It bothers me when he asks me about other guys, because it seems like it should not matter any more, but since I think all guys seem to "need to know", I give him some details, because the moment would disappear and we would both be uncomfortable. However, I leave out the juicy stuff, because there will always be a memory or two that is just for me.

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    Now that you have affirmed (or not) your current relationship, don't you wish that just once you could tell your husband/BF some of the juicy bits next time he asks? (Even if it means that you have to go back on how you previously "reported the news"
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    Oh well, even if you said no....here goes...I have at least one former lover who totally rocked my world. (we all do)
  • 6
    This 1 guy made all other guys I had sex with from the past seem insignificant when I look back.

  • 7
    When I was with him, all I wanted was to be close to him and even better, in his pants or him in mine. In fact, we did it is often as we could! Although we had other fun together, the lava flowed when we were getting naked.
  • 8
    Once in a while, and usually in the heat of passion, 95% of men want you to give them explicit "play by play" (Kinsey 1971) of a former lover and you. Us women have no idea why, however, it is very common. If you are like the majority of us, you have not told your man everything about your past sexual encounters with Mr. X-right. Would you ever consider changing, even if it meant talking about that threesome you said never happened?
  • 9
    Have you been less than honest about the sexual activities you had with this stud to protect your husband? (boyfriend, lover)
  • 10
    Most women don't like to admit to performing oral sex on another man, because us women consider that VERY personal and yet most men love to think that their girl has done it before. (Kinsey report 1971) If this is you, is it because you want this to be the one thing that you want your man to feel is special between you?

  • 11
    Is there something about his flame that you would love to tell your man about, that you think might be out of his ability to handle? (size of penis, stamina, abilities, body type etc)...You ladies know what I am talking about.
  • 12
    When you compare the goods (you know what I mean girls) was your old flame the gold standard of excellence?
  • 13
    Let's focus on the fun. When you think back, was he as inventive and hot for you as your current lover (relationship) is, when you factor in technique, oral sex, hand jobs etc? Come on, you know the answer, don't be shy...do you see hubby leaning over your shoulder? I didn't when I wrote this quiz.
    Relax...have fun, and why not get hubby in the know?
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    Do you hold back information from your man (all men are curious and women all know that) about this guy like whether you had orgasms with him, or whether you performed oral sex on him or enjoyed bondage or public sex? By the way, most guys would find it hot, (at least according to my husband) to know how many activities you have been involved in. I recently told him about a very hot guy that I gave oral sex to....this was after I told him for years I had NEVER DONE IT. It blew his mind and something else too! LOL He asked me all of the details, and of course, I gave him a "blow by blow" description which made it for a very hot experience for both of us. NEVER EVER give names, unless you are confident they have never been friends!. I also found that out in a bad way.
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    On a scale of one to ten, this guy, with whom I had a special relationship, for whatever period, while I was younger, was at least a 9!

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1221 days ago
Oh my god it felt good to get that all off my chest. Phew 😅