Are you heartbroken? (GIRLS ONLY)

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    Do you cry every time you see your crush flirting with someone else?
  • 2
    When you start thinking of him do you start crying/tearing up?
  • 3
    (If you go to school) If he's in your class and see his beautiful smile, do you start getting sad or upset?

  • 4
    Imagine you're in a class with him, he sits right in front of you and starts flirting with another girl. What would you do?
  • 5
    Do you still like him?
  • 6
    Do you think all the time about if he likes you a lot?

  • 7
    Do you ever just lay down in your bed and start crying because of him?
  • 8
    Another imagine: Imagine you're sitting in the car and you're about to get out of the car for school but then suddenly he walks by because his car was behind yours the whole time. You're about to be late for school but you don't want to be seen by him. What would you do?
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    One more imagine: Imagine you're both in band/choir/orchestra in school and walking towards the band/choir/orchestra room but you see him in front of you. You try to be as quiet as possible but then he turns around and sees you. What would you do?
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495 days ago
I've knon this guy for over 7 months now,and he still chooses to be with that girl who he just met 1 month ago...WAS OUR FRIENDSHIP A ****ING JOKE TO HIM!!!???ALL THOSE MEANINGFUL COMPLIMENTS,ALL THOSE "I love you" WERE LIES??!!ALL THOSE MONTHS OF TALKING AND TALKING WAS TO PASS TIME!?WAS I A FREAKING JOKE TO HIM THE WHOLE TIME?!I'm gonna die.My life is a mess,i dont have friends,literally not even a single soul cares about me,and now..him,the one person i thought cares about me,is drifted away.....
1282 days ago
I want to see him smile but it hurts me everytime I see him...
1363 days ago
Well i've known this "person" for all my life i grew up with him and another very close friend. We dated for a certain amount of time than i realized that he liked my best friend. I just smiled and broke up with him and said," If you like her go for it'. He thought i only liked him but no. I loved him but i just stood to the side and endure them being together as if nothing was wrong and it just like this now i would still just watch be happy and smile wishing them the best of happiness and myself just holding the pain for the rest of my life i guess :D
1524 days ago
My "friend" tells him i like him in the lunch line w/out me knowing, at recess he comes up to me and says "wow why me? I pulled my hood over my face and take of running, i didnt know it at the time but my "bff" liked him. On feild day he asked her out in front of my face and of course she said yes. Her excuse was they shared takis and sat next to each other for 3 years straight.We no longer talk but it has been a year and im still not over him.
1534 days ago
Ok so he’s technically my bff but then I started liking him and he was the first person I actually really loved since my grandpa died and we’ll he broke my heart he started talking to my girl bff and today he asked me if I know where she lives and well it broke my heart cuz I thought I got over him but honestly I’m not so sure now and i have see. The text messages of them talking and they always say ily and now she’s going to his school next year and I feel like she’s tryna make me jealous and he used to say Ily to me but now when I say ily to him he dosent even say it back and my girl maybe bff told him that I loved him and that I’m crazy for him and made me sound like a freaking phsyco and I feel like she did it on purpose Idk what to do please help so I can’t really ignore him I don’t know what to do😭sometimes I just wanna go up to him and scream at him for breaking my heart cuz he knew that I loved him and acted like he didn’t know and today he texted me and told me if we could go see her together
1617 days ago
Well i am pretty sad but i need to krep ignoring him And i Will get over him So 💔💔💔 Heart Broken thad i cant be whit him :(
1686 days ago
He didn’t even leave me it was pretty much my fault..... I thought I was falling for another guy when I actually wasn’t and somehow he found out and dumped me.... I thought I was fine then I realized I never stopped loving him. All I can thinks about is when he said,” I love you” and it’s been 5 months and I still haven’t stopped loving him.
1961 days ago
Idk if he even technically broke up w/ me! He just kissed me and then said he dk y he did! I'm so confused! Any quiz recommendations?! Plz help!!!!💔💔😿
2122 days ago
omg we used to both like eachother it was the best we hung out at least once a week i loved him he loved me then this boy threatened to figth him and he left and he barlely talks to me now and like every time i see him i want to run over and tell him imiss him so much and that i still love him it makes me so sad and mad at the same time when i see him hanging around other girls. like he hurt me alot by leaving but at the same time a cant not love him:( help me
2204 days ago
I have a reason to cry about her.. It will never work (Yes I'm a girl)
2284 days ago
Being heartbroken is not easy but it will all get better in time