Does my ex-boyfriend miss me? Quiz

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Break ups are tough. Trying to figure out what a guy may be thinking AFTER the break up...well, sometimes that can be even tougher. Hopefully, this quiz can give you a better understanding on whether or not your ex-boyfriend really wants you back

  • 1
    Why did you break up?
  • 2
    How serious was the relationship?
  • 3
    Do you two still talk?

  • 4
    Do you guys ever hang out together?
  • 5
    When you two talk, is it ever flirty or playful?
  • 6
    Have people been asking if you're getting back together/dating?

  • 7
    Has he told you that he misses you?
  • 8
    How active is his dating life?
  • 9
    How does he act around you?
  • 10
    Does he talk about you to other people?

  • 11
    How has he seemingly handled the break up?
  • 12
    How does/would he react if you started seeing someone else?
  • 13
    Has he kept any of the things you gave him?
  • 14
    Does he ever look at/for you?
  • 15
    Did he ever say, "I love you?"
  • 16
    What's the best you can describe your CURRENT relationship as?

Comments (9)


81 days ago
Me and my ex broke up 8 months ago and he keeps texing me how much he misses me And trys to call me.and the reson why we broke up was because we had nothing in common and he would be rude to me so i broke up with him.
356 days ago
I dont even know though lol
1066 days ago
There is the possibility that he still misses you, but he also may just want to be friends. You might just want to straight up ask him where this is going. It's hard to say if you two might get back together again, but there seems to be some friendly feelings left.
Man, I miss him but he's already got a new girlfriend. I'm kinda emo when he's a super cute jock. The thing is, everyone's labeled him as player. I'm under 20. We've kisses a couple of ties but nothing really serious. I miss him so much... :(
1367 days ago
I whish he remembered me I was his students and I fall for him and I felt that he like me too but when I came to know he was married and father of two daughters I quite from his life but still my prayers r for him and I miss him
1604 days ago
< hes friends with girls who dont like me and he never told me he doesnt want to be with me becasue of our social lives but im pretty sure thats why (correcting)
1604 days ago
we went out for 2 years we're both junior now but freshman at the time, im nerdy and popular girls despies me and he's friends with the popular girl, he always says he misses me but he doesnt want to date me because we have 2 different social lives at school, and ik i should leave and i try but he says im his first love and i love him too. what tf should i do??? i already tried to cut him completley off and he wouldnt let me, i try to be just friends but it hurts both of us. im losttt
1679 days ago
My ex told he wishes to kill me ..Chop my vocals of ..Hit me with a shoe and the quiz says there is a chance
1979 days ago
I am under 20 yr old and a boy/maleThe girl I like is in school.we used to have a great relationship but She lied and said her parents said no.Her friend told me the truth.I cried the whole day and desperate.Yes I am a boy.I am truly worried about her.I want her back so badly and I think I love her.I will try this method right away.Hope it works.Thanks.I ain't a jock.Just a smart kid who had a crush on her since 2nd grade.I'm not stalking her but I want to get back together.Thx to whoever made this.Trying this method right away.
2021 days ago
Holy. shiit. I just realized that we missed each other. But we're from two different worlds! I'm kinda emo and he's a jock. A hot jock lol. We've only hooked up once. We were playing seven minutes in heaven. OMG. I GO TO GO GET HIM, BA BYE