Are you obsess with your ex?
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Are you obsess with your ex?

You have been together 3 or more years and without warning he/she dumps you. After a period of time you still call, write, email, you still go on job and harass their new beau. Are you obsess or you just want to know if he is okay? Take the quiz and find out.

Question 1:How many times do you think about your ex?
0- I have better things to do with my time
1-3 I just worry about him.. Is that a crime
4 or more- well I have nothing else to do
I don't they don't belong to me anymore

Question 2:What are they doing right now?
How do I know
well lets see he/she should be checking his email
I cannot remember
maybe thinking about me like I'm thinking about him/her

Question 3:What does he/she looks like?
he is tall, light skinned, short hair, blue eyes......................
let me get his/her picture from my wallet
if I see him I will remember but right now I can't
I have no idea. do you know?

Question 4:Do you miss him/her?
hell yeah...... I mean kinda
I miss the things he did
maybe on special occasions
yeah right...... he/she dump me

Question 5:what are you thinking about right now?
should I sit outside his house until he call the cops?????
maybe if I send him flowers he'll come back
I hope he's happy
what am I wearing tonight to that hot new club????????

Question 6:What do they have in their bedroom?
black satin sheets, pictures of his family,....................
I can only remember his underwear draw
maybe if someone starts talking about it I'll remember
how would I know

Question 7:Are you still inlove with your ex?
hell yeah........ I mean maybe
just a bit
yes I am but I can still move on
I will always love him/her but inlove hell no

Question 8:Have you seen them with their new beau?
yeah and I followed them
yeah and I was hurt
I heard about him/her seeing someone new but I never saw them
I don't care if he/she has one much less see him/her with them

Question 9:Are you obsess?
I just have a lot of time
not really I just want the best for him/her
being obsess and caring are two different things
with myself

Question 10:Do you have someone new in your life?
no I still have hope of us being together
I can't move on just yet
I date once in a while
of course and he treats me way better than whats his name

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