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Should We Break Up Or Just Make Up?

If you're feeling uncertain about the state of your current relationship and are contemplating whether to break up or work on it, you've come to the right place There might be a lot of love between you, but also a lot of issues. The good memories can cloud your view of the potentially fatal drawbacks. Is this your dilemma? Find out what to do right now!

  • 1
    When you're in an argument with your partner, it's usually:
    When you're in an argument with your partner, it's usually:
  • 2
    Do you two go without talking or seeing each other for days on end out of the blue?
  • 3
    Has your partner ever forgotten an event they knew was important to you - just brushed it off?

  • 4
    Have you ever cried in a negative way or been overly upset for days at a time because of your partner?
  • 5
    Do your peers often give you the same advice - to just let go, and if your partner comes back, it would show that they truly care?
  • 6
    Does you partner ever try to flip a situation on you, making you seem like the one hurting them?

  • 7
    Have you said words that come close to "I love you," or even those words, but now you regret it?
  • 8
    Does your partner say they want to be in the relationship, but what they do makes it seem like they don't?
  • 9
    Do you constantly feel the pressure of not knowing where you and your partner are in the relationship?
  • 10
    Do you feel as if you're putting all your emotions on the table, but your partner still isn't understanding you?

  • 11
    When you try to think about breaking up, you think of every good thing they have done, and that it isn't worth it to break up - no matter how much they are hurting you at the moment?
  • 12
    On average, how much time do you spend doubting the relationship?
  • 13
    Do you think saying, "I love you" will bring you out of a relationship crisis right now?
  • 14
    Are you avoiding your partner right now because you're afraid of the outcome?
  • 15
    Have you been listening to music or watching movies that represent your relationship situation right now, and it just kills you inside?

Comments (12)


38 days ago
my boyfriend is so in love with me but I don't love him at some what should I do if I leave him I'll break his heart
208 days ago
my girlfriend I had big fright over my ex girlfriend been my friend my ex kissed me and i pull away how tell my girlfriend ??.
213 days ago
I really loves my girlfriend she is really jealous of another girls around even guys with me and I want her stop telling them I am taken and want her trust me .
949 days ago
Well it told me we needed to work it out even tho he cheated on me twice and then kept lying about it. I broke up already I have no regrets and I am now with someone else who I know would never do that
989 days ago
To be honest, I think the well has run dry. My relationship with my boyfriend was so exciting and new to me. I really wish we could work this out. He’s usually ignored me and like other people said if it weren’t for me starting a conversation with something stupid, he would probably forget we’re even dating. Bruno Mars song really kill me every time I listen to them and my friends have kinda tested him with loyalty tests etc, and he’s passed but I guess he’s just not mature enough to recognize that we also need attention and for 1 relationship to work out it needs two love birds to make it grow.... 🥺😞
1116 days ago
My boyfriend ignores me all time. If I never start the coversation, I think I wouldn't have even been dating him right now. I don't know what to do. All my friends say I should just break up with him but I'm scared of loosing him. Please somebody help me.
1138 days ago
I got : I need to talk it out but because of the Cornoa I can't
1273 days ago
Ive seen him with other girls, but he denies it. Sometimes he ignores me, and it gets on my nerves!
1487 days ago
what misunderstandings? huh? what..? he clearly cheated but i don't know was he serious with that girl or just joking and he was really serious with me, i am still ready to accept him. but just say it once.....
1502 days ago
All the women who independent throw your hands up at me!
1757 days ago
sometimes i dream about cheese.
2186 days ago
16: if youre looking for advice on a quiz page, you probably are avoiding her, so analyze it and dont take tests, go in it in your head think of the best and worst possible outcomes and base your decision on the future not the present