Should I Give My Ex-Boyfriend Another Chance? (For High School Girls)

So your ex-boyfriend wants you back. You knew he couldn't live without you, ha ha! So, the question is this: Should you give him what he wants, or just kick him to the curb? You might have mixed feelings - it's totally normal. Find out right now what I think you should do! This quiz is designed for high school girls, and will be the most accurate for them.

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    How long did the relationship last?
    How long did the relationship last?

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11 days ago
I got yes and no. He was so boring, I choose no. He was so annoying and demanded he saw me once every 20 minutes, IN PERSON. I like having privacy and time by myself, and anyway I already have another boyfriend.
31 days ago
This quiz told me to give him a second chance, so I will. The only reason I broke up with him was because this one night... [Shudders] but he's told me nothing like that will ever happen again.
33 days ago
I got yes and no. I think no, because I got another boyfriend who I love more, and he loves me more than my other boyfriend ever could no matter how hard he tried :( I also don't think he likes nervous, smartie girls like me.
46 days ago
lol this told me to get back w my abusive ex and make sure to stay friends w him no matter what bc he's a "good guy." 💋...
86 days ago
I based my answers off of a guy that I was really close with, we were almost together. I think he's gonna ask me out either tomorrow or sometime later this week. Lol it says that we should "get back together..."
105 days ago
My Ex boyfriend did to much he just wanted to talk to me all day, but if I were to hangout with my other friends that are boys he would think I was cheating and say that he was gonna kill himself because "no one loves him" and I always had to cheer him up if he was just looking for attention. I also think he was a psycho. Since its Covid we just facetime, but every time I call him he doesn't pick or if he does he has a knife in his mouth and stabs his walls. And after I found out I'm lesbian and I told him and broke up with him and he told me "You are not lesbian you are just saying that so you have an excuse to break up with me!"
119 days ago
My boyfriend was the sweetest person ever... we're in a long distance relationship and we both have autism, he broke up with me cause he was "bored" and the distance was killing him, he's trying to get back together again and idk if I should get back together with him... I've been ignoring him for days now I'm just scared...
139 days ago
I want to do a quiz to see if my dude cheated
306 days ago
I was literally happy with him . But he broke up with me bcuz he was bored a week relationship . He is still saying i love u but as friend wt the hell . It brokes my heart everytime 😑
353 days ago
i never ACTUALLY had a boyfriend, but I’ve had major crushes in the past. I moved a LOT at that time. I never had the guts to tell him though. It’s nice to let that out without my parents butting in!
379 days ago
The reason we broke up wasn’t listed...
388 days ago
please make this more gender neutral so its more welcoming to people of all sexualities. i'm a girl and using this quiz for my ex girlfriend, but it felt weird to constantly be talking abt her as if she was a guy ^^
405 days ago
I like it so much and I am going to be able to get back with him
476 days ago
I’ve only had one boyfriend so far, we were dating for two years and it was great, but it just didn’t work out. We parted peacefully and he’s still my bestest best friend in the world. I got over him after he broke it off.
Now we’re both in love with someone new (and we’re constantly annoying each other to ask our crush out)!
518 days ago
The main reason I left him was his emotional immaturity... never treated me as his equal... when he gets bored he would talk to me but the next day he would ignore me...this quiz tells me both yes and no...if only he gets nicer then I would go back!
580 days ago
I walked into school and my boyfriend was standing right in front of me with a lot of friends but he was to scared to say it but in the end he did he said i am going to break up with you I love someone else not you 😢😢
596 days ago
I always loved my boyfriend, but he just didn't. And we always kept our love a secret. And he would cheat on me, and dare other girls WHILE DATING ME!!! And he would hit on my sister and she would flirt with them the would make-out in the bathroom and underneath the dinner table they would hold hands and he was just rude never put our relationship first and i couldnt handle it no more i had enough i still loved him so i didn't break up with him, but the he broke up with me soo NOT A GOOD BOYFRIEND ( or should i say ex boyfriend😭)
611 days ago
tbf he was good at fusking my ash but it turns out he is homosexual so i will get🚔change surgery
then i will ve happy
670 days ago
I miss my bf. He was perfect. we broke up over a stupid agument about something that dosn't even matter...that much. I miss him and i would do anything to get him back.
670 days ago
Ok. First my ex-BF seemed like an angel. He was the cutest lil thing. He would sleep over and we would "watch netflix and chill" He was the bomb. He said the cutest things that made me cry adn he was REALLY hot. Then, he cheated on me. We were so close, we were like bffs. It really hurt. I found out it was my cousin he cheated with and...i had to go in counsiling. Just so ya'll know. boys can be really bad sometimes. Trust me, I know.