Should I Give My Ex-Boyfriend Another Chance? Quiz For High School Girls

So your ex-boyfriend wants you back. You knew he couldn't live without you, ha ha! So, the question is this: Should you give him what he wants, or just kick him to the curb? You might have mixed feelings - it's totally normal. Find out right now what I think you should do! This quiz is designed for high school girls, and will be the most accurate for them.

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    How long did the relationship last?
    How long did the relationship last?

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92 days ago
hi im new and this is my first time being here i hope i can make friends with all of you !
114 days ago
I know that this will help me with my relationship
217 days ago
Also, what Zoey N said, I totally agree with. Basicly the same situation
217 days ago
I broke up with my boyfriend because I only sorta liked him, and I liked a boy named Will better. Also, my friend Stella has a huge crush on him, and they are still dating. But now, that Stella and him like eachother, I feel like there is something between me and Stella. But my ex, (his name is Dilshaan) and I are still good friends. Also, Dilshaan still has a crush on me and Stella. (Every boy at school has a crush on me) But me and Will are happier than me and Dilshaan were.
237 days ago
250 days ago
Only reason I broke up with my boyfriend is bc he wasn’t mature enough and his grades dropped significantly. I know he wants me back! I know he misses me! I want him back! I would have to change a lot of things but it would be for the good of us! We were a great couple! He enjoyed my company!
252 days ago
Result was yeah might be worth it. But I'm not sure how to get him back as we don't see each other often (we go to different schools and haven't talked in a while). One way could be inviting him to cycle with me honestly i dont know. Also my dad wouldn't really care as long as I don't do anything stupid (im 12), and my mom doesn't really approve (her opinion isn't really that clear as she isn't really open about this stuff). What. Do. I. Do.
273 days ago
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295 days ago
I only broke up with Jack because he always wanted to hang with his homies instead of spending time with me. I was alone way too much. I think I can forgive him, though.
345 days ago
I got it might be worth a shot. I'm glad. He broke up with me for the new girl in my school, but she's going for another, so he's starting to want me back.
384 days ago
I got yes and no. He was so boring, I choose no. He was so annoying and demanded he saw me once every 20 minutes, IN PERSON. I like having privacy and time by myself, and anyway I already have another boyfriend.
404 days ago
This quiz told me to give him a second chance, so I will. The only reason I broke up with him was because this one night... [Shudders] but he's told me nothing like that will ever happen again.
406 days ago
I got yes and no. I think no, because I got another boyfriend who I love more, and he loves me more than my other boyfriend ever could no matter how hard he tried :( I also don't think he likes nervous, smartie girls like me.
419 days ago
lol this told me to get back w my abusive ex and make sure to stay friends w him no matter what bc he's a "good guy." 🐤...
459 days ago
I based my answers off of a guy that I was really close with, we were almost together. I think he's gonna ask me out either tomorrow or sometime later this week. Lol it says that we should "get back together..."
478 days ago
My Ex boyfriend did to much he just wanted to talk to me all day, but if I were to hangout with my other friends that are boys he would think I was cheating and say that he was gonna kill himself because "no one loves him" and I always had to cheer him up if he was just looking for attention. I also think he was a psycho. Since its Covid we just facetime, but every time I call him he doesn't pick or if he does he has a knife in his mouth and stabs his walls. And after I found out I'm lesbian and I told him and broke up with him and he told me "You are not lesbian you are just saying that so you have an excuse to break up with me!"
492 days ago
My boyfriend was the sweetest person ever... we're in a long distance relationship and we both have autism, he broke up with me cause he was "bored" and the distance was killing him, he's trying to get back together again and idk if I should get back together with him... I've been ignoring him for days now I'm just scared...
512 days ago
I want to do a quiz to see if my dude cheated
679 days ago
I was literally happy with him . But he broke up with me bcuz he was bored a week relationship . He is still saying i love u but as friend wt the hell . It brokes my heart everytime 😑
726 days ago
i never ACTUALLY had a boyfriend, but I’ve had major crushes in the past. I moved a LOT at that time. I never had the guts to tell him though. It’s nice to let that out without my parents butting in!