Are you a flirt?
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Are you a flirt?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t stay away from the guys? Do you think you’re shy, but not sure? Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:When you see a cute guy, you…
Try to hide
Try to catch his attention
Start flirting with him

Question 2:You are talking to the guy you like, when he says a joke that’s funny. You…
Laugh and touch his arm
Laugh, if it's funny
What!! I’m actually talking to my crush!! :)

Question 3:You’re working at concession stand for the summer. Your crush walks up to you to order something. You…
Have a short conversation and take his order
Take his order and try to hide under your hat
Exclaim, “Awww! You missed me so much you just had to come see me.”

Question 4:You’re most likely to be voted…
most popular

Question 5:Your motto is…
So many guys, so little time
Live life to the fullest
Hide from the World

Question 6:You favorite hangout spot is…
The mall…heaven sent guys galore
The movies…See a movie, play games with the guys at Air Hockey
The library…It’s a quiet zone

Question 7:You’re most likely to say to a guy…
Well…umm…yea…umm…hi *mental slap*
Hey, what’s new with you?
Hey hottie, come over to my place.

Question 8:You spend _____ time around the guys.
none, I stutter too much when I’m around them
Every moment I can
Half of my time. The rest goes to my girls.

Question 9:How many guy friends do you have?
A lot
A couple

Question 10:What would you consider yourself?
Flirty Female
Charming Cutie
Blushing Beauty

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