Are you a flirt?
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Are you a flirt?

Have you ever wondered if you know how to flirt? If not, have you ever wondered how to flirt? Well, here's the quiz for you. Just take this quick, 15 question quiz and you'll get your flirt factor!

Question 1:When your crush catches your eye and smiles at you in class, do you...
look at the floor?
wink and blow a kiss?
grin and wave back?
smile back and then turn to your friends and giggle?

Question 2:When he calls you one night, unexpectedly, and asks for the English (or whatever class) homework, but you have your best friend on the other line, do you..
tell him to hold on, hang up with your best friend, and start a conversation about how INTRIGUING is favorite (sport, car, etc) is?
ask him to give you his number and that you'll call him back in ten..Hey, at least you get his #!
Stutter for five minutes while he says hello repeatedly, then hang up on him?
give him the assignment, speaking as quickly as you can, then say good-bye and tell ur friend all about it ASAP?

Question 3:You're at a dance and he sits down next to you, starting a conversation. What do you do?
Smile and give him short, yes or no amswers while, at the same time, trying your physic powers to get him to ask you to dance.
Start shaking and ask to be excused, then duck into the bathroom dragging your BFF with you.
Automatically jump up and sit on his lap with your arm around his neck. Who cares if you look obvious?
Ask him if it's okay if you rest your head on his shoulder for a few minutes because you've got a headache..a little white lie never hurt anyone!

Question 4:His gang and urs meet up at the movies and go to see a horror. What do you do?
Automatically notice he has no girl, grab his hand, and let him buy your ticket and a drink. Then grab his hand and hide in his sleeve at the first sounds of scary music.
Sit on the end and get ur crew to force him to sit next to you. Then steal looks up at him throughout the movie but turn beet red when he catches you.
Sit as far away from him as you can, then refuse to speak until he's out of earshot. No way are you gonna sound like an idiot in front of this hottie!
Smile at him, then plop your boo-tay right next to him. Then sit and whisper funny things in his ear throughout the movie.

Question 5:You're a the same party and you have to go look for a ride because your diver ditched you. You're hottie decides to offer you a ride. What do you do?
Stutter, then answer with 'um, no. I think I found someone,' and then walk off calling a name that both of you know isn't at that party.
Answer yes then go tell your friends. When you meet him at his car, he asks you your address, and you spout it off really fast, then tell him sorry and repeat it, slower.
Begin by shaking, then say yes, then no, then yes, then no and finally leave it at no giving some stupid excuse. No way are you getting in a car with him..there's always that small chance you'll get car sick on the 5 minute ride home.
Immediately say yes, then ask him what time he'd leaving. Then cling to his arm until you leave and when he drops you off, smile and say, 'what, no kiss good night?'

Question 6:You guys are in a class watching a movie. Using to excuse that you want to sit next to your friend instead of BEHIND her, you move behind him. What do you do throughout the movie?
You massage him and every once in awhile whisper something in his ear.
Talk to him and every once in a while touch his arm, shoulder, leg...
Sit in silence throughout the whole movie even when he turns around and asks you if you know the answer to number 2.
Pass notes and giggle to your friend about how hot he is but when he turns around, pretend like your very interesting in the movie.

Question 7:You see him around school at least 5 or 6 times a day. What do you do every times you see him?
Smile shyly at him, then turn red when he smiles back and speed up your walk.
Duck down below the crowd and avert your eyes, practially running to your next class.
Walk up to him and give him a big hug, then smile and walk away.
Smile at him and ask where he's headed..So what if you know his whole schedule, including after school activities, by heart.

Question 8:You want to know whether or not he has E-mail or AIM. How do you go about asking him?
Ask him? Are you CRAZY. That'd for sure be telling him I like him..I'm not that stupid..
You ask around school. If no one has it then he must not have one.
One day, while you guys are talking about thing's you've seen on the internet you slyly ask 'Oh. You have an E-mail address?'
After you start massaging him again you turn him around and flat out ask him 'So, do you have an E-mail addy?'

Question 9:You find out that he doesn't like your type of music. One day, while in the only class you have together, he loudly announces that he loves (enter your least favorite artist) and hates (your fave). What do you do about it?
Keep your mouth shut. I haven't talked to him so far this year, why should I start now?
Tell him that you happen to like that group in a quiet voice and when he smiles at you, you duck your head and say 'never mind.'
Immediatly pipe up and agree with him. You don't want to lose your status with him cause you don't like the same music.
Tell him that you disagree but if he'd bring over one of his CD's of his group then you both can listen to both the Disc and see if either mind is changed.

Question 10:One day, while he's standing beside your best friend, he casually drapes an arm over her shoulder. How do you react.
You immediatly stalk away. If he doesn't know you like him then he's an idiot and if he does and he's doing it anyway, he's a jerk.
Turn red and wait till you and your supposed BFF walk away and then blow up at her for not moving automatically.
Walk straight up and push her away putting his arm around you. No way am I gonna lose another potentially bf to HER!
Walk up and grab his other hand. Who cares if he didn't do it, at least he's not pulling away.

Question 11:You and him a a couple of mutual friends are at your fave store in the mall. You're looking through the racks and you see a baby doll tee that you've been looking everywhere for. When you get depressed cause you don't have the money to buy it, and he offers to pay for it, how do you respond?
You immediatly agree and pursued him to buy you a matching necklace, bracelet, and hair piece.
You kinda la-de-dah around it until him and your friends persued you to let him.
You repeat no over and over until your friends grab it and hand it to him telling him that you say yes. You get so embarrassed that you don't wear it for 2 weeks and when you do, you wear your jacket over it.
You put the shirt back on the rack, turning bright red, and say no. Then you remain quiet for the rest of the day.

Question 12:When your favorite pet dies and you come to school with tear stained cheeks and you're very depressed, he asks you what's wrong. You tell him and start crying again. When he gives you a hug and asks if you want to go out for ice cream at lunch, what do you do?
You smile up at him, bathing in his caress, and tell him yes, that would make you feel much better and hold on to him for another 5 minutes.
You automatically pull away and say no while turning bright red and wiping the tears away. Then you run off to your nearest friend and hide behind her.
You pull away but still say yes. You may be scared, but you'd never turn down a chance like this!
You tell him no but keep holding onto him. When he asks why you blurt out that you already promised your friends that you'd hang with them. How lame does that sound?

Question 13:While you're at the park by yourself doing nothing, a whole gang of hot b-ball players come into the court. Shedding their shirts and showing off tons of tight abs, they begin to play. How do you react?
You begin to whistle and cheer the hot guy on!
You smile and wink at a few but just sit and watch the game otherwise.
The second they begin to take off the shirts, you leave. You so do NOT want to get into that sorta crap.
You smile at a few but then get embarrassed and leave when they whistle at you.

Question 14:It's the Fourth of July and your mom decides to take you to a show instead of letting them of yourself. There's a fine guy sitting in front of you. What do you do?
You tap the guy on the shoulder a few times and ask him for the time, then ask him what school he goes to, then you start a conversation.
You immediatly move up next to him and ask him his name. After you guys have been aquanted, you ask him if he wants to snuggle cause you're really cold.
You hardly notice. You're too busy mourning over the loss of your last bf to worry about a new one...
You ask him for the time a few times but move when he looks at you like your crazy. You only asked like 5 times!

Question 15:You're at a Halloween Party and it's one of those when you're not allowed to know each other until Midnight. At Midnight, you're supposed to kiss the nearest guy to you and then unmask and see who you kissed. After you unmask, the guy you kissed turned out to be the guy you've crushed over for the last 2 years. What do you do?
Begin to cry and run out of the room.
Turn red and sputter a good-bye as you rush to tell your friends.
Reach over and kiss him again and ask him if he wants to dance in your sexiest voice.
Smile and wave good bye as you walk slowly away, deep in bliss

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