Are You Flirtatious or Not?
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Are You Flirtatious or Not?

Find out if you are the shy type, or the wanting type...

Question 1:A guy looks @ you during class,and he smiles. How do you react?
Turn totally red and look into nowhere.
Smile back, then put your face into the desk.
Look away, then look back again to see if he's doing the same.
Look back at him and give him a big smile
Flip him off.

Question 2:A guy, as you notice, has been trying to sit next to you in every class. What do you do to find out if it's intentional or not?
Go straight out and ask if he likes you
Examine him to see if he wants to flirt or talk with you sometime
Let him borrow your pencil everytime he sits next to you
Totally ignore it. It doesn't really matter.
Move somewhere else.

Question 3:In gym, people are trying to get partners for tennis. You are alone,and your crush came in late, so he doesn't have a partner. There is another strange kid alone at the other end of the gym. How do you decide?
Choose the odd ball. Better safe than sorry in one case.
Wait to see who your crush decides for a partner.
Ask your crush to play tennis.
Be partners with the gym teacher.
Fake being sick, and go to the nurses. Rather have a zero for the day!

Question 4:You were caught in the rain walking to school. You are totally wet, and pretty cold. Your crush offers you his jacket. How do you react?
Say 'No thanks, I'll be ok.'
Take it. You're freezing!
Ignore him, and dry your clothes under the hand drier in the bathroom.
Just walk right past, and ignore him and your being wet and cold.
Yell @ him 'Don't have pity for me! It's just a little water!'

Question 5:Your crush wants to be partners with you for a big project in English class (even though you don't have to), and you're not very good in English. Now what?
Say, 'I'll be better off by myself.'
Say, 'Sure, I could use some of your smartness.'
Say, 'I've already got a partner.' even though you don't
Say, 'I don't want you to bring our grade down.'
Say, 'I guess so.'

Question 6:You're on AOL and your best friend gave your crush your screen name. He sends you and Instant Message. What happens?
You pretend he never sent it to you.
You'll only respond if he IM's you again. He would really wanna talk then.
Tell him you're busy, and can't talk now.
Talk about whatever you feel like.
Tell him to leave you alone, and you block him out of nervousness.

Question 7:You're in science class, and you're totally confused on a question on your homework worksheet. Your crush is the only one who isn't busy @ the moment, and you know he would know the answer. Would you ask?
Definitely! I need to pass science this semester!
I'll think about, but I probably won't.
Maybe, but more likely yes. I don't know nuclear fusion!
I'll wait for someone else to be available to answer it.
I won't answer the question.

Question 8:It's a hot day, and you and a totally hot guy in your grade is sitting in front of the school, waiting for the late bus. He has a bottle of water, and you're dying of thirst! What do you do?
Go all the way into the cafeteria to buy a soda. You'll still walk past him.
Ask him for a glug, sharing saliva that way would be as close to a kiss as I would possibly get!
Motion to him you're thirsty, and see if he offers you a sip.
Wait for the bus and get a drink @ home.
Steal the water bottle and have the rest for yourself. It's every person for themselves!

Question 9:Your crush got into a bicycle accident, and now has a cast on his wrist. He wants others to sign it for him as a souvenir. Now what?
You sign it like all the others.
You sign it,and tell him you hope he feels better.
Write any old mark on it.
Don't sign, but ask him you hope he feels better.
Totally ignore him.

Question 10:A hot guy asks you out. How do you react?
Yes! My chance has come!
Say, maybe another time. I'm kinda busy.
Let's be friends for now. We could go out some other time.
Say, no thanks, I already am dating, even though it's not true.
Total ignoring.

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