Are you a Flirt Goddess?
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Are you a Flirt Goddess?

Girls, have you ever wondered weither your a flirt goddess? Take this little Quiz to find out ...

Question 1:A guy comes up to you at a party and starts to flirt with you, what do you do?
Say that you are not interested and walk away.
Tell him that there is a attractive blonde over in the corner and to go annoy her.
Flirt back and toss your hair around, or twirl it with your fingers.
Talk to him ignoring all of his nice remarks.
Be really mean to him.

Question 2:Your crush has found a new girlfriend, what do you do?
Cry your eyes out to your best friend.
Get revenge.
Flirt with your crush whenever his girlfriend is around to make her jealous.
Find yourself a boyfriend.
Not worry about it, you didn't like him that much anyway.

Question 3:You have found out that a guy in your class likes you, how do you react?
Ignore him and advoid him for the rest of the year.
Talk to him casually and act yourself. If he likes you he must like you for who you are.
Flirt with him - there might be a chance between you two.
Brag to him telling him things like, 'My dad is gettting me a DVD Player,' just to let him know how filthy rich you are.
Tell him that he has a better chance with your best friend.

Question 4:Your crush has acted weird around you lately , how come?
He might be just having a bad month.
Maybe he found out that you like him!
Maybe he just has hated you from the start.
He might feel guilty about something.
He obvoisly likes me, all that flirting has finally got me somewhere!

Question 5:What is your favourite hobby?
Going out with my friends and flirting with every guy that walks past.
Going out with your best friends and just having a great time.
Hanging out with my dog Giggles - his so cute!
Staying home.
Playing sports.

Question 6:Who is your favourite TV Star?
Freddie Prinze Jnr.
Joshua Jackson.
Anybody that is a hot guy.
Chris Klein.

Question 7:What is your favourite song?
In The End - Linkin Park.
I'm A Slave For You- Britney Spears.
#1 - Nelly.
Hey baby - No Doubt.

Question 8:You are at the beach and a bunch of guys are staring and pointing at you and your friends, what do you do?
Ignore them, they are just guys!
Convince your best friend to go with you and start flirting with them.
Smile and walk to the other side of the beach.
Talk in a loud tone about your boyfriend.
Stick your finger up at them.

Question 9:A guy says to you that you have a nice ass, how do you react?
Tell him that he has a nice ass too.
Say thanks and start flirting.
Slap him across the face.
Keep on walking.
Stop dead and just stare at him in disbelief.

Question 10:Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes, and his the best!
Nope, I am single.
I'm trying as hard as I can to get one, give me some credit!
No and even if I did I would still flirt with other guys.
What a stupid question.

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