Do My Crush And I Have A Chance? Quiz

If there's one thing in this world we poor, lonely, unattached lads and lasses all wonder about, it's whether the person we like likes us back.

Do you wonder if you have a chance with the lucky person you've designated as your crush?
Find out now by taking my quiz! Good luck! I hope you get the answer you're dreaming of.

  • 1
    How many classes do you have together?
    How many classes do you have together?
  • 2
    How long have you known each other?
  • 3
    How much do you like him on a scale of 1 to 5?

  • 4
    Do you think he likes you?
  • 5
    How much do you know about him?
  • 6
    What makes you like him? (Does not affect score.)

  • 7
    How is he around other girls?
  • 8
    How often do you talk?
  • 9
    Who starts the conversation?
  • 10
    Do you ever notice him staring at you?

  • 11
    Does he hint that he likes you?
  • 12
    Does this test help? (Will not affect score.)

Comments (41)


343 days ago
@manatee and @gayyyy SAMEEEEEE
578 days ago
Thank you so much now i know i have a chance.
593 days ago
I honestly think i should stop liking her because she already said a few years ago she doesn't like me and already knows how much of an awkward person i am so its kinda a turn off for her i guess. But i dont want to stop feeling like a i have a chance with her:(
778 days ago
Well I'm a girl and i like my best friend a girl but we're soo much of good friends i Can't ruin our friendship over some stupid emotions even though every time i see her i feel like the happiest person i never want to let go of her hands or break the warm hugs that she gives me and earlier i made her promise that she will never stop from being in contact with me in a couple of months we will finish high school maybe after that i can find a girlfriend that'll make me forget about my feelings towards her. My baby I'm so in love with i hope you never know abt it :(
778 days ago
Dang I just have such a bad crush on this guy. I don't really believe in these online tests but dang a chance is better than none and I want all of him.
838 days ago
I do really hope this test is correct about me being on the right path. I saw him looking at a photo of a cheerleader on his phone...
838 days ago
Ruvyzvat, I know exactly what you're feeling. I'm a guy using this test on another guy and I feel like I have no chance. Try to get out of your comfort zone and start conversations, and always remember it's ok to cry. Hell, I cry over this fella all the time.
Do remember to not hint 🚔 however, since you might go very overboard; no siding with her on EVERYTHING, dont show that you're jealous when she talks to other men, and be sure to give her a little bit of space. Never EVER cling on.
878 days ago
Well, I’m a guy and used this for a girl. I was right, they are too perfect for a crybaby like me. Maybe one day, I’ll find someone who really loves me. She’s empathetic, sweet, caring, adorable, nerdy, strong, inderpendent, and just… perfect. I’ll try to move on, but thanks anyway. At least I have an honest answer, no more being awkward around her, and I hope we’ll at least be good friends.
931 days ago
I like this guy and we hang out a lot at school but idk if he likes me so im taking this test.
950 days ago
I have a crush on this boy idk if he likes me cuz he kind of talks about other girl a lot but then he tries to impress me by saying oh i work out 2 hours a day and I'm just confused and idk what to think.
995 days ago
@girl I had my friends do the same but they all came back saying that he wouldn’t tell if he liked me back ugh
995 days ago
Whoa now I feel so joyous because it said we have a chance. Wish me luck eeeee
1003 days ago
I realize now that he doesn't like me, oh well, I'm just lonely and desperate -_-
1008 days ago
my friend asked him if he liked me, he said no. but... recently... he seems to act like he likes me... I think... I don't know anymore. someone help me... i mean... I'm a very shy person, but if i get to know people, i am very outgoing... but how do i get to know him? even with my friends being friends with him, I'm scared to talk to him... :-
help me, please
1015 days ago
@Gayyyy I was going to comment exactly that lol
1066 days ago
I have a crush on a girl
1074 days ago
i like simp over him and everything
1107 days ago
i have met him since reception hes so cute hes a rebel doe but i am aswell so yh
1165 days ago
When your a lesbian so you have to keep pretending that the word he is actually she
1181 days ago
I mean yea I like him like loads and idk if he likes me back cos I do see him staring but I pretend not to notice omg I'm sooooo excited