Do you have a chance with him?

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Do you think you guys have a chance. Try this quiz to find out

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    Do you guys talk/ know each other?

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754 days ago
My crush is litteraly the most annoying boy in class
754 days ago
Aww HelpMeOutThere. That's so sweet!!! Though if she doesn't like you it might be a bit awkward... Or if she's shy, she might not dare to look at you or speak to you even if she likes you... but go for it!
933 days ago
Since you guys are girls could please help me out?I really like this girl and I'm telling her in and email(pls help me out here):
Look, (her name) I kinda have to tell you something. Umm my friend dared me to, well, I'll just get straight to the point (thinking out loud here).

Like the quote, "Unless I'm reading an assignment or doing a paper or taking a test, I'm thinking about you.” You probably know/you were told I used to like you, and, well, I still do. I have since like the school year started and that's pretty much what I had to tell you.

So, yeah. No comment. No response needed.
1029 days ago
anonymous: I understand you. There’s a boy I’ve liked 3 different times and there’s a reason I haven’t quit on him: 1) He’s cute 2) I see him everyday (he’s at my bus stop and has every class with me) 3) He is super nice 4) We are really good friends. I tell him everything. We have a good friendship and I like it the way it is. But I feel like if he knows I like him, things would be different. I wouldn’t be able to ignore the fact that he knows and things would be weird. But then if he said he kinda liked me too... that would be good but we still wouldn’t have the same friendship we do now. I’m going to leave it how it is for now and maybe next year change something.
1179 days ago
This quiz isn't really that accurate. It said he MIGHT like me but I know for a fact that he does...
1194 days ago
1330 days ago
Okay, I just re-took the test. Same answer. The boy crush is my three-year friend, and I'm pretty sure he knows I like him. I think he once liked me before I got too annoying.. I met the girl crush this year because she's in my class. She likes a boy. I don't think I have a chance with her. She's really pretty and fun, but we're not close friends or talk much. Who do you guys think I have a chance with more?
1330 days ago
...I'M SHOOK. (Lol, I comment on a lot of tests, so what if you've seen me before? xD ) It says I "might" have a chance with him. Hmmmmmmmm. Now to take the test again, for my second crush who is a girl. (Yea, I'm bi- don't judge darlin') Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!
1342 days ago
Girl just go for him! That’s what the quiz told a’me!!
1399 days ago
i like him but i don't want to tell him like people will start to make fun of me if he shoots me down or says yes because i have a reputation that I'ma loser and i think boys are 🐤 and were mutual friends and i don't want ruin that
1538 days ago
He defenetly likes you. Gooo for it (ima boy so i know dat)
1567 days ago
I reaaaaaaally like this guy at my school. He has the cutest smile, the sweetest laugh, and always knows what to say to make me feel better. We text everyday, we haven’t called each other, but I have a feeling that we might have a chance together. There are rumors he likes me, but I’m not entirely sure. There are also other rumors that he’s dating another girl. I’m not sure what to believe. We’re good friends, and I don’t want to ruin it by telling him I like him. Please help me!
1580 days ago
I love this girl from school so much but she has a boyfriend she breaks my heart and I’m only 11
1591 days ago
ugh! I hope I have a chance with him
1606 days ago
Noor*, just go with what your heart is telling you. If your heart is telling you that he is a traitor, let go. He isn't worth your time.
1622 days ago
I want to be with him. And I think he wants to be with me too. But.. I knew him from family friends.... and there's huge problems going on through the family. And me and him were close since we were little. The problems is too much to the point that I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if I do something he might betray me. His older brother liked my older sister when they were little too, and he exposed her to the whole family. She couldn't even sleep. I'm afraid that that'll happen to me too although I love him. I'm trying too hard..