Guys, do you know anything when it comes to girls?
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Guys, do you know anything when it comes to girls?

Are you cool, or are you a fool?

Question 1:The girl you have a thing for is very sensitive, and one day you see her crying. You:
Go over and ask what is wrong.
Tell her friends
Try to comfort her by talking to her
Do nothing

Question 2:You want to ask her out to a dance, but she is always surrounded by girls. You:
Suck it up and ask her if she'll go. Girls like guys that aren't afraid of confrontation
Corner her when she's going to the bathroom door.
Ask your friend to ask her for you.
Skip it... who needs to go to a dance, anyway?

Question 3:You can tell a girl is crushin' on you. You:
Make her day by asking her out
Flirt with her
Ask one of her friends if it is really true
Stay away from her

Question 4:There is a girl that is screaming at your friends because they were teasing her. You:
Tell your friends to go suck crap and apologize to the girl
Tell your friends to shut up
Say nothing
Tease the girl with your friends

Question 5:The girl has big you-know-whats. You go over and flirt. What do you talk about and where is your head looking?
You talk about whatever she wants to talk about and stare directly into her eyes
You talk about latest events and have trouble keeping your head facing up.
You do a casual flirt yet your head stays positioned you-know-where
You talk about her you-know-what size and your head is looking directly at the you-know-whats

Question 6:What do you look for in a girl?
sense of humor
big you-know-whats

Question 7:A girl calls you and insensitive jerk, so you:
Apologize and ask how you can make yourself better
try to kiss her to see if she'll shut up
call her a bitch and storm of mad as hell

Question 8:You are kissing. What happens?
You only go the pace she wants, and do not try to be aggressive
Try to crank up the kissing a notch
Stick your tongue into her mouth
Stick your hands into her shirt and stroke her you-know-whats

Question 9:By some strange event, you happen to be in the same bed. What happens?
Ask her if she wants to do anything, and if no, leave her alone
Kiss her
Take off your pants and hump her
Undress her by yourself, get naked and have sex without asking

Question 10:You are at a nude beach and you spot a pack of girls
Casually stroll over and flirt
Ask you can feel their you-know-whats
Get naked yourself
Go for sex on the beach

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