Do you know boys?
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Do you know boys?

This quiz is strictly for girls! It's just to see if you know as much as you think you do about the alien species of boy!

Question 1:Would you like to know absolutely everything that goes on in boys heads?
No way! That would be way to scary! Boys brains are nothing like us girls!
Of coarse! I wanna know what they're thinking, who they fancy...
Not really, I think that it would ruin the fun!

Question 2:What is the main thing you have to do before even thinking about a boyfriend?
Buy a new mini skirt
Love and respect yourself, confidence is the most attractive thing in the world!
Spend some time alone to think

Question 3:The best way to get noticed is:
Eye contact, smile and walk tall!
Tripping over in front of him!
Why would you want to get noticed, I hate people looking at me!

Question 4:Which of these is not a sign he fancies you?
Shiny forehead
Accidentally making contact with you
Being nasty to you when his mates are around

Question 5:What is the most annoying thing to a boy?
A bad CD collection
Girls without a smile and no confidence

Question 6:Which star sign lad has the cheekiest smile?

Question 7:What do boys really mean when they say 'What's wrong?'?
They mean 'What's wrong? You seem upset!'
'I guess sex is out of the question tonight then'
'What meaningless self inflicted psychological trauma are you going through now?'

Question 8:Which boy will treat you best?
Grunger Boy
Townie Boy
Goth Boy

Question 9:Which is the best way to dress around boys?
Let them see everything, cleavage, leg, let it all hang out!
Cover up, boys have no right to stare at your body! It makes you feel uncomfortable!
A bit of leg and a bit of breast wont hurt but leave them something to think about!

Question 10:Are you going after the right boy? You trip up on your way to assembly. Does he. . .
Help you up?
Not notice you

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