Are You A First Date Dream....or A First Date Nightmare?!
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Are You A First Date Dream....or A First Date Nightmare?!

It's that time again...the time that we all dread...first date time! Take this quiz to see if you're ready!

Question 1:The phone's him, asking if you'd like to go out. You say...
Give me five minutes, big boy!

Question 2:He asks you where you'd like to go. You say...
A movie followed by dinner or drinks.
The charity snogathon.
A mega-posh restaurant that you'd never be able to afford usually.

Question 3:It's time for make up. Yours is...
Vampish red lipstick, false lashes, the works!
The 'blotchy, just-squeezed my zits, and threw on some orange spot cover' look.
A little lip gloss and mascara.

Question 4:And your clothes...
'My other date looks like Ben Affleck' t-shirt and jeans.
A simple sexy dress.
Mads-style pointy bra, PVC hotpants and leather boots.

Question 5:He arrives. You...
Greet him with a smile and grab your bag.
Ask to give you a hand doing up your wonderbra.
Leave him standed with your mum and half a dozen cupcakes because you still haven't decided what to wear.

Question 6:You arrive at the restaurant he chose and you see your ex sitting down. You...
Yell 'Coooeee!' and pull up a chair beside your ex.
Blub on your date's shoulder.
Explain the situation to your date and tell him that you'd be more comfortable eating elsewhere.

Question 7:You get your meal and it's a little undercooked. You...
Ask your date to swop his meal with you.
Discreetly ask the waiter if the chef could do something about improving your meal.
Make a big scene and drag your date out of the restaurant.

Question 8:The bill arrives. You...
Offer to pay half.
Check out how fat his wallet is while he's checking the bill.
Insist you pay it all.

Question 9:You arrive home. You really enjoyed the date, so you...
Ask if he has any condoms.
Grab your lucky rabbit's paw and pray he asks you out again.
Say what a great time you had and suggest a date next weekend.

Question 10:He gave you his number. You call him...
In two weeks.
In the next few days.
10 minutes later

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