Do You Know How To Flirt?¿?

You never know when you're gonna get the chance to encounter a hottie anywhere-and you've gotta be prepared. So take this quiz to find out if you're ready to work it-or about to blow it.

Question 1:It's Saturday night, and you and your girlfriends are hangin' at a massive end-of-the-year bash. Some random (but cute) guy interrupts to ask where the bathroom is. You:
Point to the huge line down the hall-without even looking at him-and go on chatting with your crew.
Say you don't know (while rolling your eyes) and turn back to your friends
Offer to show him where it is-you were just about to get in line yourself.

Question 2:You're browsing the racks of Flipside Records when you notice the hottest hottie of them all working behind the counter. You:
Buy a stack of CDs and pray that he'll notice how infinitely cool you are from your taste in music.
Ask him if the new Moby CD is any good while he's stuffing your purchases in the bag.
Tell him you're looking for a gift for a friend and get him to ditch the register duty to help you pick something out.

Question 3:Because you're a good friend, you've accompanied your BFF on her family picnic. Bonus! Her older bro's bud is a dead ringer for James Van Der Beek. To get his attention, you:
Introduce yourself, and start a conversation. What the heck, you've got to be more interesting than your BFF's dorky cousins, right?¿?
Make eyes at him while you're passing the potato salad.
Try to look bored from across the picnic blanket. Maybe he'll come over if he's bored, too!

Question 4:Rock on! Metallica tickets went on sale at nine this morning! It's 9:05, and you're in line, hoping to score tix for you and your crew. When the hot head banger in front of you turns around and asks for the time, you:
Blurt it out fast and then wait for him to ask for your number.
Tell him and say how you hope the line moves fast-you were bummed when the first concert sold out in a nanosecond!
Give it to him, mention missing the show last time, and then offer to lend him the Metallica Behind the Music you taped the other night. He can call you if he wants to borrow it.

Question 5:You're at the skate park when you spot a new dude, crankin' out ollies. You decide to:
Stand back and silently watch the hottie from afar.
Go up to him and ask where he bought his sweet board.
Give him props for his skatin' skills and ask him to show you a trick or two.

Question 6:Argh! You're up to your elbows in nonfat chocolate at the Yougur Shack when you crush walks in. When he places his order, you:
Smile and say hi, but make his strawberry cone in a record time, without stopping for small talk. You're too busy to flirt.
Smile, take a deep breath, try not to stress over the long line, and try to have a semi-normal conversation.
Have your coworker help him-you've got hot fudge in your hair!

Question 7:You've found that the surefire way to get a guy to notice you is:
To deliver a fierce pickup line-the wittier the better!
To talk to him normally-you know, like a friend would.
To primp for at least an hour before leaving the house-to make sure you're always looking fly.

Question 8:You're at the mall with your crew when you run into the cutie you secretly drool over in homeroom. You:
Say hi and make small talk for a few minutes.
Say hi and tell him about the party that you're going to that night.
Ask him if he's going to the party and then offer to give him a lift 'cause your mom's driving a bunch of friends.

Question 9:All aboard! You're taking the Eastern Express to visit you aunt who lives hours away. When a good-looking guy sits down next to you on the train, you:
Ask him where he's headed
Stea glances at him while pretending to read your Rolling Stone.
'Accidentally' trip over him on your way to the dining car.

Question 10:You're totally working it on the dance floor when, out of the blue, a guy comes up and asks you to dance. You:
Giggle, turn red, and say, 'I dunno.' Then turn to look at your buds.
Say okay, dance with him for one song, and then make up an excuse to go back with your friends.
Say, 'Sure-but can you shake it like Ricky Martin?'

Question 11:Which of these flirtation tactics have you've used?¿?
Asked a guy for the time-after stashing your watch in your bag.
Flirted with someone while on the clock at your job.
Approached a guy you noticed checking you out.
Used the look-over-look-away-look-over-again technique on someone you spotted on the street.
Pretended you thought a cute stranger was someone you actually knew-just so you could chat him up.

Question 12:Which of these flirting flubs have you made?¿?
Avoided talking to a crush because you weren't looking your best.
Avoided talking to a crush because you were with your mom/dad/little brother/etc.
Stopped your conversation with a hottie to introduce him to another girl.
Blew off a guy who approached you because you were with your friends and couldn't be bothered.
Kept your mouth zippered during a group convo because you couldn't think of anything good to say.

This Quiz has been designed by Samantha.