Is your crush dateable?
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Is your crush dateable?

Is your crush the kind of guy that you can date? Is he just a friend? Is he worthy of you, or is he just another jerk passing through? Find out!

Question 1:   If you were crying in the hallway, what would he do?
Go over and comfort you
Go over, find out who did what to make you cry, then go kill him
Walk on by

Question 2:   You're at a party. What thing is he most likely to do?
Hang out with you and all your buddies
Get drunk and pull you into a dark room
Take you home afterwards

Question 3:   Prom is coming up. What happens?
He asks you, after a bit of hemming and hawing
He tells you're going with him or you have to ask him
You both decide mutually to go with each other

Question 4:   You accidentally hit his brand-new car. How does he first react?
Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?
You idiot! What the h*** do you think you were doing?
Aw car! (Laughs) Nice shot!

Question 5:   What nicknames does he call you?
Some pet name that he made up himself
Some friendly demeaning runt.
Stupid, sugar-baby, or nothing at all.

Question 6:   Does he open up the door for you or let you enter into a room first?
Ha ha! Never.
Every once in a while...I usually have to smack him to get him to do it.
All the time.

Question 7:   You're at Starbucks together. Who picks up the tab?
We take turns.
He always does.
I do.

Question 8:   You get paid tomorrow, but you really need a loan right now for a shirt that is simply to die for. When you ask him if you can borrow some, he...
Either refuses or charges interest
Lets you borrow it
Gives you the money. Hey, don't worry about paying it back.

Question 9:   When he talks to you, where does he look normally?
At my chest
He looks me in the eye

Question 10:   And lastly, if you were in real trouble, would you honestly go to him first for help?
No, I wouldn't
I probably might.

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