Does your sister have a crush?

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I always thought my sister had a crush and she wouldn't tell me. So you will know if she has a crush after you take this test, just like me.

  • 1
    She day-dreams a lot
  • 2
    She writes a lot in her diary or journal
  • 3
    She has hearts on her binder.

  • 4
    A heart has some initials in them
  • 5
    In the morning she tries to make herself look really pretty
  • 6
    When you ask her if she has a crush she gets all nervous.

  • 7
    She gets nervous when you mention certain boys names.
  • 8
    When she is around a group of guys she tries to brag to you.
  • 9
    She loses her temper at times.
  • 10
    She sputters when talking to certain boys.

  • 11
    She looks different when coming home from school by looking even prettier.
  • 12
    She locks herself in her room after school.
  • 13
    She sings at random times.
  • 14
    When you talk to her she doesn't pay attention.
  • 15
    You think she has a crush.

Comments (28)


141 days ago
wow that didnt make sense. everyones right though this quiz is more fun to laugh at than anything else~
141 days ago
this quiz says she might. bro she likes my crush's little bro. one time my crush joked that what if me and him got married and so did my sister and his brother.
323 days ago
My twin sister (Im a boy) has been acting weird around my friend for a while and OUR best friend (a girl) says she likes him but I don't understand girls so I took this quiz
511 days ago
My sister gummy gal likes BLAKE- bleech
511 days ago
Btw in my text the emoji before the angry face is meant to say i-d-i-o-t
511 days ago
What?! We've been over this, beautiful pug😇! I told you already I think boys are 🕊 😡
511 days ago
No I don't gummy gal person you are the sus one
511 days ago
Hi you guys might of seen my comments on the Should I Confess To My Crush test. I am just saying I know my sister has a crush and it said she didn't so don't take the results of this to seriously. Take care :)
769 days ago
So you know what?? I know my sister is in love but my sis still doesn’t tell me she loves that guy oh my god!!! Once I opened her phone and saw… guess what?! She was looking at the guy’s pictures and kissing them!!! Is this girl for real?!!!!
935 days ago
Quiz: Your sister is half and half she might have a crush and she might not. Don't read her diary to find out. Been there, done that, didn't turn out so pretty.
Me: WHAT??? Just give me a straight answer stupid quiz!!!! UGH.
Also me: 🤬😡
Later on....
My dad: What are you doing honey?
Me: (acting like a perfect child) Homework, daddy! (sappy smile) 🤗🤗
977 days ago
My sister never listens to me because she is day dreaming she goes to the boys house 1 time a week and sings all the time at random moments
1079 days ago
My sis does harry styles and harry struton
1342 days ago
My sister kinda pays attention to me but everyday when she gets bored she write a paragraph on a paper and she hides it on her room so,
She wont let me know who her crush is.
1358 days ago
My sis never pays attention to me when I’m talking to her
1573 days ago
I think she does because she didn't directly answer when I asked but didn't say no so but I took this test to be sure... No offense but it didn't help
1726 days ago
She PROBABLY won’t have one for a while
1866 days ago
This is so fake!!!!!!!!!!!
1890 days ago
It says half and half give me a answer
1911 days ago
1911 days ago
sorry for all of the comments :(