Do You Need To Tune Up Your Flirting Skills? GIRLS ONLY

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Flirting: the secret weapon of every girl. Unless, of course, your skills are rusty. To find out if you need to improve, take this quiz.

Bonus: Get flirting tips for your 'skill level'!

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    You're at a party with friends, and you spot a cute guy you've seen at school before across the room. Now imagine you are interested in him and so you decide to grab his attention with a little subtle flirting.

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396 days ago
this is exactly the problem. I am slightly overweight and I highly doubt that anyone will show me any interest because of it. And before y'all comment "just go to the gym" or "just eat healthier" I'll have you know that my weight is the way it is because of reasons beyond my control. As for the flirting/dating part, I don't bother flirting because I know i'll be rejected by anyone. I keep thinking nobody out there would want to be with a girl over 130 pounds. Given the way society is, I highly doubt I'll ever find a single person to accept me. That's because I'll never be good enough for anyone because of the way that I am.
424 days ago
I have a boyfriend but we don't flirt I mean we are barely teenagers
468 days ago
For the question about when to kiss him
468 days ago
There should be an option saying "at our wedding of course!"
571 days ago
You're trying, I can see that - it just needs a little more work. If you are shy, try flirting randomly a bit with guys you don't know and will never see again. Make sure not to change numbers or anything. It's sort of like real life practice so you can feel more confident about yourself. And confidence makes you look good!:)

Um...I have never flirtied in my life but okay I just put down answers that showed up
634 days ago
I am not meaning to be rude but I found this quiz quite sexist and strange. It told me I need to 'up my flirting skills' because I chose not to wear 'cute clothes' and lots of makeup. Girls aren't only around for their looks and their flirting. And you don't need to flirt or have excessive fashion preparation to get someone. To like you. You have to be yourself to get someone to like you.
732 days ago
784 days ago
Just be confident! and @hhhhhhh You probably flirt without knowing lol
1391 days ago
Ok I have never flirted in my life. How then, does this guy like me?
1754 days ago
I got pretty good, but i like never flirt
1863 days ago
seriously I got pretty good I hardly ever flirt