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What Do Guys Think Of You?

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Are you the cute one, the funny one, or the plain boring one to guys? You will find out in this quiz! Girls only!

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76 days ago
so im not really any i got crazy tbh thtta is the closed i think u will get im a mix of sporty, crazy and a tiny bit of popular idk its confusing but im glad they think im crazy cause i am :D
1385 days ago
Popular girl don't act like such an arrogant porcupine. Ima nerd Girl who's kinda shy, and I am so glad I'm smart and not that popular. I have my freinds and my crush and they are all I need.
1420 days ago
U r a drama queen popular girl and bullies only bully because they hate there lives
1420 days ago
I’m one of the team, like I am tho boys talk to me about girl stuff and it’s honestly hilarious but it’s fun to be cool ‘round guys cause they’re cool and fun to talk to so
1437 days ago
Yo popular I'm a crazy rebel and Tom boy, but I don't see you making fun of me! Popular people that u know that where make up and skirts are FAKE! Oh btw i'm also a dork and I'm popular!! I don't take 2 bullying so Stick a sock in! Hun #TOO SWEET #THE BOSS #ANTI BULLYING ZONE. Plus, why am I everything on here?????😐
1482 days ago
Btw, I’m popular too, and me and my friends defend people from bully’s like u 😡
1482 days ago
Popular girl, you are sick! People who bully others only bully them because they are disappointed with there own lives! If your so great why can’t u just cut other people some slack
1503 days ago
I bully crazy girls too
1503 days ago
If you hot nerd shy tomboy goth I'm bullying you I'm popular
1503 days ago
Dolan twin lover I'm popular so I end up dating your crush
1503 days ago
No I'm the hot popular rich girl all boys think I'm hot my body is fire I live in mansion have latest iPhone mom owns school cheerleader captain latest trend go oit with popular rich and badboys have 8 siblings and in high school get what I want too this quiz is wrong how dare you I need to take a selfie over this and put some lipstick on get ready for the party too then pick on some nerds.Thats just too show how bad the stereotypes are.Oh teachers think I'm a sweet heart I never get caught most popular wealthy girl signing out
1564 days ago
Lol I’m THE CRAZY GIRL😂 Ok, I know I’m funny an all but I HOPE guys/girls (I like both) don’t see me as the crazy one.God I wish I was the hot one😂
1595 days ago
And I'm crazy. I love boys ( and sometimes I LIKE girls for like 2 sec)
1595 days ago
I'm only a 40% sadly. I'm a goth,shy girl,nerd, friends with all guys.
Usually I'm bullied but when I'm with my crush and his friends they treat me like one of them. So I think I'm good here. And half the time the boys right the bully and they end up winning. They are the nicest
1595 days ago
I guess I am goth and boys think of me as one of the team. Cool.
1600 days ago
1608 days ago
Great I am the hottest. :--
1616 days ago
Dude it said goth chick anfd a crazy gurl and shy girl but thatw was only 10%
1636 days ago
Irl I'm a bit shy and a total nerd, but I only got 20% for that...
1664 days ago
Look,don't let my name deceive you,I'm a tomboy 100%!but I chose that name because Freddie Mercury is my favorite singer.I know how to skin a snake!oh and I got crazy girl! Well I am the dare devil that will play dukes of hazards in a broken wagon! And if anyone tries to stop this party machine, scr*w them!I am me!