What kind of crush do you have? {FOR GIRLS ONLY}

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Curious about your crush type? Take this quiz to find out what type of crush you have, whether it's summer, winter, spring, or fall?

  • 1
    When did you first realize you had a crush on this person?
  • 2
    Your crush is...
  • 3
    When you see you crush, you...

  • 4
    When you see your crush, you try to...
  • 5
    Does your crush know you like them?
  • 6
    What do you usually wear when you know you're going to see your crush?

  • 7
    You imagine you and your crush...
  • 8
    What does your crush think of you?
  • 9
    When you don't see your crush, you...
  • 10
    Do your know if your crush is interested in other people?

  • 11
    Are you part of your crush's friend group?
  • 12
    If your crush told you they liked you, you would...
  • 13
    Your crush gets together with someone else. You...
  • 14
    Do you think you'll ever get together with them?
  • 15
    Did you enjoy this quiz? Did it help you?

Comments (33)


173 days ago
this is lying
311 days ago
Well this quiz didn't really help a lot I thought it was gonna tell me if she liked me or not...
393 days ago
spring, summer and fall each 27%.
so it says,.. boy, definitely a boy, probably girl.
my crush is a boy. Well, that's close :)
483 days ago
My crush is a GIRL!! What type of name is MICHAEL for a Girl!!!!
507 days ago
(#^.^#)(=θωθ=) I'm actually a boy and still I clicked just because... DARNET! (¯(●●)¯) I mean I'm only in high school soooooo... I just think my crush is like a number 100,000,000% on the hot list. Like I would LITERALLY faint if she asked me out on a d8!
539 days ago
Bruh @dan.... felt that when my crush got quarantined. Not to the same extent but def felt that. Also my crush is 100% a fall crush so I have no clue why I got winter. I liked him in fall and we got this thing started.... So meh job on the quiz...
584 days ago
ha. i didn't read THE TOP????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? only girls? well this might attract her to the quiz.
584 days ago
you remember right? ..................
584 days ago
pickles. why did i post this... hahahahahahahaah CODENAME.
584 days ago
i've liked her since 3rd grade... i confessed in spring... i was teased by her friends about liking her... i blushed when they said that... she said she liked me as a friend... THEN THIS VIRUS CAME ALONG! she now is doing virtual school... at least next year i can hopefully FINALLY talk to her... i hope she finds this and reads this... but she will NEVER go on a site like this right... well, if you ARE her emma, i hope i can see you again. oops. also, hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahaahaahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahahha if you DO read this... please tell me your thoughts on this.
584 days ago
i already confessed... after this stuff i can see her again and ask her. i will.
639 days ago
you know it hurts to know that we will never be together. thanks for killing my hopes!🥺😭
820 days ago
Im taking this
test hopefully this is worth my 2 minutes of my life
844 days ago
MY CRUSH IS HAWTTTTT he likes me!!
912 days ago
It said my crush is a girl (fall)

It’s not wrong
956 days ago
I like a guy, and it said I have a autumn crush and they’re probably a girl. 😘?
1014 days ago
I got 27% for Spring, Summer, and Fall, and then 20% for Winter. I'm not really sure, but honestly, the best one that describes us is probably the fall one. Except he is a guy. I'm not sure how to describe our relationship though. It's like, we never (and I mean NEVER face to face) talk to each other out of our own free will. Last year, we used to be, like, best friends, but then I found out that he liked me, and totally freaked out because I did NOT see that coming even though it was apparently really obvious. I didn't really talk to him for the last week of school but still did mess around in the halls in stuff. Then, finally, over the Summer, I got up the guts to send him a message about everything, and well... we kept talking, and we still do. All the time. It's just that like we have kinda both confessed feeling to each other by now because over time I did start to develop feelings for him, even though I'm sure they were already there, and I just didn't notice. The thing that since all the people in my grade know that he likes me, we both get teased like heck about, and, since we are both introverts, that is why we can't talk to each other anymore, and it sucks. There are some times though, when he says stuff to me via email, or when I catch his eye during a class... that I wish that I never found out that he liked me... maybe we would still friends then... but would we be anything more? Ga! Sorry for ranting, but I can't really tell my friends about this crush, and so it feels SOO good to be able to get this off of my chest.
1159 days ago
i have a fall crush i sorta wish we wouldn't end up together because we sorta have a hate/like relationship plus his family HATES me they want me to be Italian but im not. Plus he is a bit of a racist but we cant stay mad at each other. When i look at him i feel like were the only two people in the world but im mad at him because he thinks i did something i didn't that's really bad and he keeps thinking i did it but i dont know i should forgive him and tell him how i feel or ignore him and move on
1206 days ago
I have a winter crush, very accurate.
1277 days ago
I have a summer crush! It defenetly describes us! :3