Is He Flirting, Or Just Nice and Friendly? Quiz

Ever wonder if he might like you, or if he's just being nice? This is such a common situation, and has actually happened to me, personally. So, I wanted to create a quiz on it in the hope of helping others who are confused like I was. Try it now - I hope it helps you!

  • 1
    Who usually starts your conversations?
    Who usually starts your conversations?
  • 2
    Does he ever look at you, more than just a glance? (Either directly, or in your general direction?)
  • 3
    How do you guys usually communicate?

  • 4
    How much do you like him on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being you're in love, and 1 being friendzone)?
  • 5
    How do his friends act when you're around?
  • 6
    How often do you guys talk?

  • 7
    When (or if) you guys talk, what is the conversation usually about?
  • 8
    Do you have mutual friends?
  • 9
    How long have you guys known each other?
  • 10
    Be honest ... do you REALLY think he likes you?

  • 11
    Has he ever complimented you?

Comments (34)


479 days ago
I have liked this one guy (J) for quite a while now.. 9 months. He has gotten two girlfriends in that span and tons of people who like him. I am currently one of his best friends so its the whole "Friends to Lovers" trope. He flirts with me A LOT and I catch him looking at me. I don't know if he likes me back or not though because there is this other girl who likes him and he has been dropping hints to her too.undefined
557 days ago
So there's this guy in my science class who I'll call J and for a while he's always been the first one to talk to me when I get to class and whenever he sees me around campus he always says hi to me and he's kind of like playfully teased me before and I've heard if a guy teases you in a funny way it's because he likes you but he told me himself he has a girlfriend with the same first name as me
577 days ago
This sounds complicated. So he smiled at you and then went off to other girls? It sounds like he's trying to make you jealous. Maybe trying to test and see if what you said is really true. Idk if this would work, but try giving him some compliments. Sorry if this doesn't turn out alright. I'm having trouble myself.

577 days ago
You're soulmates! You guys are great together! He definitely likes you. If you like him, then this relationship could really go somewhere. Try asking him out, or at least talking to him more frequently. If you go for it, your relationship could really take off!

You really think so? Well! I sure hope so! Though, my mom wouldn't like him very much. 😅
621 days ago
So this boy goes to my school and we have talked once or twice but whenever we see each other we just blush. He runs over to were i'm hanging out when I walk into school but doesn't talk to me. I told him on text that I like him but he said he doesn't like me back. I always catch him staring at me, when I turned around today he smiled at me. He hangs out with a group of girls that all like him and I'm worried he might start liking one of them. "PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO, THIS BOY IS DRIVING ME LOVE CRAZY!!!!"
634 days ago
the test said we're soulmates but aren't these things bffs usually do? they're my bestfriend so i really don't wanna change it despite of i understand i love them recently
899 days ago
Ready for your result? You're getting there! You guys are very close, and if you make the first move, I think he'll definitely go for it! He might just need a little shove in the right direction. He most likely has a crush on you, and if you want him, then all you need to do is to keep building on your already strong relationship.

This is concerning. Honestly totally concerning. I have this close guy friend. Let's call him Bobby (not his real name) Bobby has a gf named Betty (not her real name). Anyways, Bobby has been there for me this entire time when I was stuck in a really toxic place with this other guy named Bruce (not his real name). So, no matter what happened he was there for me. If I needed to cry, he'd go to the library with me, leave Bruce and Betty in the classroom and let me sob on his shoulder. He always knew when to drawback out of me and Bruce's relationship so that his hands didn't get too dirty but idk. Me and Betty used to be bsf before quarantine hit last year and me, Betty and Bobby got into this really huge argument because Betty was jealous af of me and Bobby's friendship. At this time, I didn't second guess our friendship He is my best guy friend, anyone out there with this relationship understands what I mean. So, one day at school I'm freaking out because everything in my life literally fell apart. Bobby told me to stay away from him because of Betty getting mad at him. Bruce sees me crying by my locker, because he had come over to get a book and lets me cry on his shoulder. Me and Bobby are fine now, but me and Betty are kind of at odds and somehow me and Bruce are good friends. Can someone out there tell me 🚔 I'm supposed to do???? Like, after everything happened, Bobby kept asking me for advice about Betty...I think I caught feelings. Like, you know, when you're close to someone you accidentally brush hands or touch shoulders or tease or stuff like that. But I started noticing it and I'm afraid if I say anything I'll lose the closest and best guy in my life... *confused*

Pls help lol
899 days ago
I actually just got out of a situation just like this! Kinda crazy, right?
My advice is that you need to be upfront about it. Kind of embarrassing, but I'm around your age and I liked this guy, and how I as upfront about it was by typing out a note and demanding that he read it. It was very clarifying for both of us ngl. He read it and chose never to speak about it. That is a decision! In your case, if you do something and he decides to not respond, he is sending you a clear message that he does not care enough to fight for you! Any girl deserves a guy who will fight for them. If he talks to you about it, and just wants to be friends, go with that. Don't be conceited, but usually friendships can lead to other things. Hope this helps? Idek if you're gonna read this, but that's my advice. *shrug*

P.S. You're not obsessed. I hate that term. You just got some strong feelings, nothing wrong with that.

Also, just read your first comment: if that's the case, I would go for it. If his friends say that, it's most likely true. He's probably using them as messengers, just like we use our friends. 😀
904 days ago
BTW this quiz said we were soulmates.... but idk man. It does all add up, but the problem is that it’s inconsistent. Most days I think, how could he NOT like me the way he acts? And then there will be one day where I think, omg I am so dumb, he definitely only likes me as a friend if that. Everyone thinks we’d be cute together, he defends me, he treats me well, but sometimes it’s just like none of the stuff between us ever happened. Helpful facts: I’ve liked him for a year now, he’s almost 14 and I’m 13, he’s like 4 inches taller than me, we hang out sometimes, but just in groups, he seems to enjoy it. Anyways, if I could get some input that would be AMAZING. I’m desperate and honestly, I’d do anything at this point. I keep second guessing myself and I need help. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

P.S. I know, I know - I’m obsessed. I’ve been told multiple times lol XD
904 days ago
Also - So I have a HUGE crush on this guy at my school, and he flirts with me all the time (we had a convo about kissing and spin the bottle and how he would play with me, he once came up behind me and put his arms around me, etc.), and his friends say he kind of likes me, and that he would go out with me if I asked him out in person. Theyre always pushing him towards me when we hang out and stuff. But tbh idk if he would say yes to going out with me... Also, does he even really like me or does he just think im pretty? Ugh. I REALLY like him guys, what do I do?? Also even if he does like me Im so scared to ask him out even tho everyone says he’d say yes. Help please!!
904 days ago
So ArE wE sOuLmAtEs? - YES QUEEN, do it! The odds are suuuuper high that he likes you, and if you love him, then telling him is the right thing to do. I mean, which feeling would be stronger, getting rejected, or getting told he loves you too? If the he loves you too feeling is stronger, then go for it, it will be worth it, I promise!
907 days ago
So every test I take says that there's a high possibility he likes me or that we're soulmates, and I'm in love.. Should I tell him?
953 days ago
karrisa, i don't think its weird at all i like a guy whose 5 years older than me but he doesn't like me back. you're both really lucky
963 days ago
So I'm a 13 year old girl and he's a 17 year old boy. We both like each other. It's kinda..weird
986 days ago
Nuttjob go for it what is the worst that could happen he says no I doesn’t matter if they say no than they don’t deserve yuoy
1007 days ago
Doublejumbo, that is awesome!!! I'm happy to hear that someone actually had a happy ending after doing one of these quizzes.

Anyway I dont have enough courage to do something as bold and daring as that. However, I am an overthinker, and we ovethinkers can come up with unusual and great plans.... Unless you met this guy!

This guy likes to flirt, it is as clear as day, but he has always been stranger around me. Granted, I am a shyer and harder she'll to crack, but that doesnt make sence of his oddness.

Anyway, he likes to flirt and make you laugh. Now, things used to be better, and ge could make me laugh at the drop of a pin! Ever since the virus, when he does talk to me, he makes sure to add an extremely long pause after a joke to see if it panned out. When ot does, he gets this big old smile and continues to talk... Trust me, its more odd then it seems.

Anyway, I just want to know if he really does like me or if I'm just another girl he likes to speak sweetly to.
1019 days ago
Ready for your result? You're soulmates! You guys are great together! He definitely likes you. If you like him, then this relationship could really go somewhere. Try asking him out, or at least talking to him more frequently. If you go for it, your relationship could really take off!

And guess what? I called him and he says that he loves me more than his friends, pet(s), etc. Now we are dating! Since corona, we haven't been able to go anywhere, but we wear masks, and take turns dating at each others houses! We cuddle, and play with each other's hair. It's a dream come true!
1271 days ago
There’s is a guy at my school like six years older than me and I guess he has a crush on me 😂
1291 days ago
so there's this guy at my school and his name is luke. we are in the same gym class and every second we can talk or hangout we take it. he has a girlfriend but i think he's catching feelings for me too. on thursday one of our friends pushed him into me and i wish we did but we ALMOST kissed. i really like him and on the mile, we ran together and everyone mistakes us for dating and liking each other and flirting. we say we don't like each other but i think we both know that's not true. but yea his girlfriend before they were dating literally made un of him and talked so much💑about him. so yea
1334 days ago
Ok so there is this boy at my school, and lets call him Ben (not his actual name) i really think he likes me. We are both in orchestra and he is always trying to get my attention by fake caughing like really badly. It's kinda funny. It all started at this orchestra party. He accidently hit me in the head with a basketball and wouldn't leave me alone the whole night. He checked on me every 5 minutes to see if I was ok. He also offered a "peace offering"of his best friends bag of opened chips. Later that week he started to like almost mimic me. I'd look over and make a face and immeditly he would copy it. It was weird. He started making excuses to talk to me and see me and stuff like that. One day I brought an ice pack for my knee and he freaked out and was seriously worried. He really makes me genuinly laugh a lot. My friend always is trying to get us together. Plus he and his friends play "the ship game" and his freinds somehow always end up shipping us together. Anyway when they do that he always blushes and goes quiet. But with anybody elses name he makes puking sounds. He always makes fun of me, and is constantly teasing me. He waits for me every day after class and chamber, no matter how long I take. Sometimes I see his friends pushing him towards me, and him digging his heels into the ground. One day during a fire drill no matter where I went he followed me every where. It's kinda funny. But then later on, a couple weeks ago, during a concert we were playing truth or dare. I got him to pick truth. I asked him who he liked. He said another girl. But after that i was really really sad. I realized I had a tiny bit of feelings for him. Anytime I see him he lights up. My friends and his always tease us. My best friend even said that he used to talk about me 24/7 at lunch. but the thing is he is a grade younger than me. So.... I vowed not to date a kid younger than me. But i really love that he cares about me. Do you guys think he liks me?