Should I Tell My Crush I Like Him? If So, How?

If you're unsure whether you're ready to confess your love to your crush, this is the quiz for you! It will tell you first if you should confess at all. If you should, you'll learn the best way to do it (text, call, face-to-face, in a note or through a friend).

It doesn't have to be scary! I promise that no matter what happens, it's better to find out than to always wonder. And if it doesn't go the way you want, that just means there's someone better out there for you. You have to try! Good luck!

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    Are you and your crush friends?
    Are you and your crush friends?

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41 days ago
Hey I need help. Respond if you can.
So there’s this boy that I met a few weeks ago. We lifeguard together and we’re also both on the cross country team. I have a really big crush on him but I’m not sure if he likes me back. He’s a quiet person so it’s even harder to tell. Ok so here are the possible signs that he likes me.
1. He teases me sometimes
2. I’ve caught him looking at me a couple of times.
3. He’s bought me food before and when I asked to pay him back he said don’t worry about it.
4. He starts the conversations like 90% of the time
5. He laughs at my jokes
6. He asks me questions about myself
7. He smiles a lot when he’s with me
8. He’s usually not the talkative type but he talks to me a lot

Does it sound like he likes me? I honestly can’t tell. Thanks for your feedback!
106 days ago
So I got:
I think he likes you, but is not sure if you like him. You guys are almost at the, “WE LOVE EACH OTHER!” stage. But still, take it slow. Maybe ask him casually through text if he Iikes anyone. If he says yes, confess how you feel. You should confess through text or note. Saves you from doing that awkward blushing and stuttering thing, you know? ;-) And he won't feel so put on the spot. Isn't technology wonderful? Lol.

I’m only 13, but I’ve liked him since I first saw him, so I’ve liked him for about a year. We talk about everyday we see each other because we live close. And he always talks to me first. And he talks to me though my window sometimes.

One time he got hurt and showed me, so does that mean he wants me to care about him??? Or what??

He usually comes outside after he sees me walk past his house. I don’t think I have a chance with him though.

I used to scream and hide and run when I saw him. But the past few months we’ve been getting closer. And he gives me sticks as gifts. Which is sweet to me.

We’ve touched before, and not hug or kiss or hold hands. I don’t know how to explain it. But he was trying to write something with rocks in front of my house so I went over and like was pushing him with my back and it was like a kinda hug.

SO YEAH..... also is it weird I’ve seen him without a shirt on??
121 days ago
So, there's this guy I've had a mild crush on for around a year now, but it's gotten stronger. I feel bad because my best friend was head over heels in love with him for 4 years, but she says she's 100 percent over him and actually thinks he's gross, but I don't really believe her. That kind of love doesn't just go away, it lingers for ages before fading. She says she's totally fine with me liking him but after I told her, she just seemed really down and depressed, so I'm thinking of telling her that my feelings for him were just misinterpreted and I don't like him, and just keeping these feelings to myself. But I don't want to lie

.Another problem is that he used to date this one girl, and they broke up because they both weren't feeling it, but he still laughs and jokes and plays around with her, so I don't know what to think. I have a guy friend that I act that way with too, but I don't know if it's the same situation. The guy I like sits near me, looks at me, and is nice to me (he even say goodbye to me today, and he never says goodbye to people!), but he's so out of my league! Let me describe us to you;

Me: Short, thin, a little quiet, makes jokes and laughs hyper, SOOOOOOOOOOO bad at sports but okay at running, not crazy popular but kinda

Him: Tallish, thin, funny, popular, super athletic, every girl likes him, sensitive but no one knows it

What do I do?????? you know what, scratch that. I've had a mild crush on him for two years but stepped back because everyone else did, too. I wrote a short story in English class last year and based every character off of my classmates and kinda made it obvious that his character liked my character. But when people started asking questions, I just said that he liked someone else. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Anyway, help.
125 days ago
When i went to high scool for the first time i found out that a boy likes me but no one ever liked me so i got scared and i thought that he was only playing with me but when we went to year 8 i kinda started liking him but i didnt show it and then in year 9 i think he backed of beacouse he thouggt i didnt like him but i realy did now im in year 10 and i feel gorible because i like him and he always stares at me in class but im afraid of what i should do he never asked me out
134 days ago
i like this guy and he kinda is my best friend but he stopped texting back to me and rarely talks to me at school or out whenever i call him he doesn’t answer and ive liked him for a bit of time it got to the point where we gave each other nicknames but then he just stopped responding and barely opens my chats to read my texts i tried asking what’s wrong and if he’s mad at me but he won’t answer my texts his friends don’t talk to me either so I can’t ask them abt it and honestly life is just so stressful and hard like why r boys like this.....
142 days ago
what grade are you in?
I am in 3 grade
142 days ago
thank you Lia Robinson
145 days ago
I'm not a dating expert, but I think that the sooner we girls get this done, the sooner we can stop stressing over it, because lets face it. We are brilliant and strong and that, but we are all guilty of stressing over if a guy likes us back. Hell, I'm doing it now! (I'm trying to convince myself here guys...) Being a girl is just one battle after another, but we're one man armies.
145 days ago
Go for it Girl! You only live once, and you totally rule! Who wouldn't want to date any of us? I think I am going to ask him out next time I see him.... YIEKS!
146 days ago
thank you but i don't know if i should tell him.What should i do
147 days ago
I can't really answer this, I don't have it. I'm nervous to ask.
147 days ago
Im not sure if we're friends, we've sorta talked and stuff, but he mostly pays attention to my BFF
149 days ago
Hi This quiz is queen!
Me and my crush are quite close but I am so scared that he won’t feel the same way. What should I do?
152 days ago
brokenhearted-text him sooner rather than later. then you wont be worrying about it for a long time, and youll probably be more hapoy wiyth what he saus if he doeant feel preasured to answer you right away. hope this helps Thia
152 days ago
I like this dude he is so cute but he’s also bad and my friend told me that I should go for it. And I decided to text him that I have a crush on him but I’m going to send it on the last day of school so if he says no I won’t see him anyway cus we are going to different high schools.
Help me decide if I should text him today or last day🥰
159 days ago
Um ok let's do this! So I like this dude but I won't name him just for privacy. We're pretty close friends and can talk for hours at a time. I catch him staring at me a lot and when I look over he smiles. ahhhh i'm a love mess T-T
169 days ago
I got: I think he likes you, but is not sure if you like him. You guys are almost at the, “WE LOVE EACH OTHER!” stage. But still, take it slow. Maybe ask him casually through text if he Iikes anyone. If he says yes, confess how you feel. You should confess through text or note. Saves you from doing that awkward blushing and stuttering thing, you know? ;-) And he won't feel so put on the spot. Isn't technology wonderful? Lol.
I think Im gonna go for it Wish me luck!
174 days ago
Hi l have a crush on this boy. His's table is next to mine in class. I love speaking and laughing with him...
He told me he likes me but I never responded...
What should I do???
176 days ago
Sorry for screaming a bit..
176 days ago
Hi, I am a 7th grader, and I have this BIG TIME CRUSH and so basically this guy does not really know me too well. But, lets call him Kyle, his name is not Kyle though. This is what I got: He probably likes you. I don’t think it’s the right time to confess, though. Maybe he’s still figuring out his feelings and you should slow things down. I think you should be bold and confess, but casually. Maybe slip it into one of your text conversations, or into a note. Or just spend more time with him. Maybe he likes you, but is unsure if you like him! Give the relationship a little push. Girls like to be pursued, but not all guys are like Casanova. You know? IDC WHAT THIS SAYS I AM TELLING HIM OVER EMAIL!! BYE!!