Should I Tell My Crush I Like Him? If So, How?

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If you're unsure whether you're ready to confess your love to your crush, this is the quiz for you! It will tell you first if you should confess at all. If you should, you'll learn the best way to do it (text, call, face-to-face, in a note or through a friend).

It doesn't have to be scary! I promise that no matter what happens, it's better to find out than to always wonder. And if it doesn't go the way you want, that just means there's someone better out there for you. You have to try! Good luck!

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    Are you and your crush friends?
    Are you and your crush friends?

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Ok so I'm 13...and I'm homeschooled. So a lot of these quizzes are hard because there for school crushes or whatever... But I go to church... And I literally love this boy... So he's 16 and I'm 13 about to be 14. Is that okay? My friend said its okay even tho he's older then me. Anyway.... He doesn't stare at me much... But he always laughs at my jokes even when they aren't funny.... And whenever something funny happens, we look at each other and smile/ laugh. Also whenever I walk into a room... Or he walks into a room I'm in, he smiles at me. With the cutest dorkey smile ever ... And he lives like 3 minutes away. And our moms are also friends (but not close friends... So we don't really get together) but I really really like him... And i honestly think he might like me... But I just don't know. if anyone thinks he might like me... Tell me plz :)
10 days ago
just to be clear:
3 years next month as in i liked him for 3 years
and his friend likes my friend not he likes my friend
he makes fun of me sometimes (when he does it to me and my friend) so if he doesnt and i admit it, he would probably make fun of me for it
10 days ago
ok so, im in 7th grade and is currently doing remote learning and i like this guy named grant.. (that was hard to type, lol).

he's how it started: he said that he liked me in 1st grade and all i said was "uh, ew.." and after that, he started being mean to me (now that i think of it he might be hiding the fact that he liked me) and since he was mean to me, like any other 1st grader i was mean back. i started liking him in 5th grade when i liked this guy who hung out with him and when i stared at them, i started to get feelings for grant (the guy i like).

he's pretty mean to me but he stares and looks at me all the time (when we were in regular school) and my friends say that he likes me, yet he never admited it..

i have his friends number and im not sure if i should tell his friend that i like grant (his friend is mean to me yet he likes my friend and shouldn't he be nice to me if he likes my bff??) so his friend might make a mean comment.

im not sure if i should wait till we go back to school (probably 8th or 9th grade) or tell him now via text (texting his friend, he doesnt have a phone).

he's still plain rude to me but one time i came back from the bathroom and when i sat down, (he sat next to me) he smirked at me and said "hey, noodle *smile*" and watched me sit down while my friend (who sat on the other side of me) laughed in a playful way.

he acts like he likes me yet he's mean (probably to hide the fact that he likes me..)
what should i do??
wait or tell his friend?
wait till this crush dies or wait till he hints something? (it will be 3 years next month)
hint something in class or act mean and deny everything?

help please :((
12 days ago
my crush tried to confess to me in second grade but i rejected and now i regret it
14 days ago
Has ANYBODY here confessed yet?
22 days ago
me and this guy have been friends for ten years and i really like him. he’s single and we flirt around but i can’t tell if he’s just joking or it’s like just platonic. but like if i come into the room he’ll stand to give me a hug and if i’m with our friend group he’ll give me a hug and not usually anyone else. i wanna confess cuz it seems like he likes me but i’m scared i’ll ruin our friendship and i would hate to do that. what should i do
44 days ago
ok so I like this guy at my school and he’s almost 2 years older than me. He’s soooooo cute and I think he might like me. We’re family friends but I still do if I should tell him and if so, should I tell him in person or over text? The quiz said over text and ngl I think it’s a good idea but I’m so scared
48 days ago
I have this really big crush on this girl named Mckynzi.Shes really kind,selfless,smart,sassy,funny,and so much more! It says I should give her hints and I gave her one saying that if she were my girlfriend I'd treat her the best I could treat anyone. I think she caught that and has been flirty and stuff. I think I'm gonna confess. On the weekend. Should I?
48 days ago
I have this really big crush on this girl named Mckynzi.Shes really kind,selfless,smart,sassy,funny,and so much more! It says I should give her hints and I gave her one saying that if she were my girlfriend is great her the best I could treat anyone. I think she caught that and has been flirty and stuff. I think I'm gonna confess. On the weekend. Should I?
53 days ago
Ok so there’s this boy I met through friends. I don’t know if I would consider us as friends. Sometimes we talk, but I feel like he is more of an acquaintance. And I really like him, but it’s kinda hard to tell if he likes me back. My friends keep on telling me that he likes me, but I’m not sure. We always flirt and stuff but I still really don’t know. On the quiz it said that he probably likes me, but it isn’t the best time to confess because he is still sorting out his emotions. So should I confess?
68 days ago
I’m a young kid (11 yrs old)and I really like my classmate named Blake...
I’m not really sure if he likes me back but...
1. He asked for my email so he can text me on Messages 😊😊😊
2. When I forgot my hat, I couldn’t play and he just...TALKED WITH ME FOR 1 HR 😱😱😱
He’s done so many things that makes me like him...he also treats me special! Should I tell him I like him...hehe
72 days ago
i have a crush on a guy that going to my chuch when i see him i do not what to say to him
98 days ago
I think he likes me and his best Friend who is also my close friend (and old crush) keeps trying to get me to tell him so I think he likes me back but I just get so nervous around him! And the other day he asked if I have a crush!!! Dodged that for now but what do I do now? Ugh
144 days ago
He doesn’t have a phone, this doesn’t mean I don’t talk to him...
176 days ago
I have this crush i have known for an year, and my answer said that it thinks he likes and and we are at the "WE LOVE EACH OTHER!" Stage. Im still not sure if i should ask him! (Im afraid he would think i am weird)
188 days ago
I have known this guy for 2 years and had a crush on him on and off for about a year and he just got a phone today! His friend gave me his number and then says and I quote ‘you should text him if you know what I mean😏’
Sooooooooo don’t know if that means anything and I haven’t texted him so should I? Does he like me?? Or no?
192 days ago
i have something weeird lie is in my name and trick is in his name isnt it awkward???
199 days ago
so i have this guy bsf an
208 days ago
Lol I was going to confess but I’m freaking out... I think he might like me but at same time I don’t think he does. But why does he act like he cares about me?? Aaaargh what to do??? I’m so scared of being rejecting
219 days ago
So i know a guy and i like him and have for a while. BUt he is one of my best friends and i,m scared that he will reject me and stop being my friend. Also if he rejects me it,ll be super embarissing for me. We have been friends for almost a year and I have liked him for a few months. I have wanted to tell him but i get to scared and nervous. He said he likes this girl in one of his classes so i don,t know if he likes me or not. We have each others numbers and text often and we facetime for an hour or two. I dont know if i should tell him that I like him. Please give me advice.