Should I Tell My Crush I Like Him? Quiz - If I Should Confess, How?

If you're unsure whether you're ready to confess your love to your crush, this is the quiz for you! It will tell you first if you should confess at all. If you should, you'll learn the best way to do it (text, call, face-to-face, in a note or through a friend).

It doesn't have to be scary! I promise that no matter what happens, it's better to find out than to always wonder. And if it doesn't go the way you want, that just means there's someone better out there for you. You have to try! Good luck!

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    Are you and your crush friends?
    Are you and your crush friends?

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36 days ago
So basically I really like this guy (Ill call him #1) but I'm really nervous to tell him. I'm in middle school, so maybe its too early to tell him. But there's this other girl,(Ill call her #2) and she keeps telling him stories and laughing at everything he says.She's really popular and is always talking to him.I used to sit next to him, but now #2 sits by him. I really want to tell him, but he's really awkward and will probably get weirded out.Should I tell him in likea note or something like that??
61 days ago
i have this guy in my class who i had a crush for over 5 months now. he has a twin sister and she sits a row in front of me. his sis and i are a good friend n upon having a crush on fri's brother i dont really know what to do. Both the twins never dated anyone n their parents are pretty strict. i had a few conversations with him n he helped me a few times. should i be bold and make a move but i am worried if his sis might think i am a werido
92 days ago
i think i may be obsessing over telling him a bit. His name is Leo and hes not particularly good looking but is funny, smart and has good taste in books. Once someone misheard him and thought he said he was dating me and my first thought was I Wish! but i deflected by saying that because his hair is dirty blonde hes a deformed zebra. Why did i do that to myself! Byeeeee!!!!!
102 days ago
Sup Matthew I like you so make the first move pls I’m scaredddddd!
138 days ago
Omg i am in a love triangle tooooo!! It is the worst thing ever 😭
145 days ago
I am 7 and My crush doesn’t know I have a crush on him I love him
181 days ago
help i'm in a love triangle with 2 boys there both my friends brothers idk if i like the older one or the the one that is basically my age. they both look at me. i talked to the one my age once but the older one i think makes eye contact more. i love romance but i never thought i would be in a love triangle.
195 days ago
Why the hell would I confess over text?? That would be so awkward irl if he rejected me . Lmao….
202 days ago
And his name is Hudson that is sooo cute in my opinion
202 days ago
I was so sad when it sead he probably you I'm so sorry girl I was like so sad and we used to date but I broke up with it because somebody said that he only liked me because he only dated me because he just wanted a girlfriend that's the only reason I broke up with him and I regret it so much
209 days ago
It gave me he likes me and I shouldn’t confess and I should confess??
222 days ago
But we won't last bc he going to different high school to me
222 days ago
My crush likes me it said, I am not ready to confess though
223 days ago
229 days ago
There's this guy at my school, his name is Gavin, I used to HATE him, but at the start of this year, i started to get butterflies around him. I used to hate the fact that I like him but then I told my friends and now this ship us. He's a jock and I feel this sort of chemistry between us, and I'm starting to regret ever hating him, he used to be rude to me but now he changed, now he's nice to me, and is even sort of shy around me, which is weird because he's quite confident and brave, but he's a jerk to all the other girls. I really like him, I want to tell him but there's this other girl. She's really nice and pretty. And she likes him. And he knows it. He's been giving her a lot of attention and has sort of been flirting with her. And now I'm starting to think I'm losing my chances with him. That's why I'm taking this quiz. It said I should confess, but really, should I? I don't want to hurt the other girl's feelings if I do, but I always do things for someone else before me, and I hate that, but I can't stop myself from doing that, I mean, I think the girl is nice but at the same time...I wish she never existed. What should I do?(
243 days ago
I like this guy in my class named Ethan, he used to talk to me a lot almost every day, but it stop cuz he doesn't sit close to me anymore, but during that time my friends keep shipping me and him, saying we flirt and he likes me and stuff. Does he like me and should I confess?
249 days ago
Sexy baby ggdgdggdgdgdgdhdhdgd
249 days ago
I love you Jacob if you see this kiss me in class
283 days ago
I think he for sure likes u! So confess!!!! I mean he got u smthng for valentines day which means he prob like u!

And me:
so I really like this guy let's call him "boi" in my ELA class and the teacher just switched seats so he sits right by me and today this one girl who bullies me kept kicking me and he said to her to stop that she wasn't being nice. He also used to mean tease me but now the teasing is more nice like he makes fun of me short and calls me a nickname he started the nickname last semester and now he always calls me that. On valentines day I got an anoumous valentine,but I know it was him, cause I saw him wrapping it in a piece of paper and one o my friends saw him drop it on my desk. he also kinda doesn't like one of my friends and when she was trying to talk to him he said " I don't want to talk to you." and I thought he meant me and I said "Uh ok.." and he said "no I was talking abt your friends, I like talking to you." I said "I thought you hated me, you act like it." And he said " No I don't, I think your fun and chill." I want to tell him I like him but last time I told these 3 other guys, and I have been rejected but is was a crush then but I love"Boi"so.. idk if I should cause the heartbreak may be bad, because I think he likes someother girl. Lets call her "K" cause he talks to her a lot and hangs out w/her a lot but Ik she doesn't like him and they aren;t dating so.. plus all my friends and even my friendemey thinks he likes me.IDK help please sorry this was so long! -Unlucky
292 days ago
This guy I like, Nicco, is really cute. Honestly I thought he liked me but for Valentines Day he put a mini soccer ball and a card in my friends locker. I’m now crying in my room, sad and alone. Some how I still like him, what should I do, tell him I like him or nothing?