(Girls only) Do you have a chance with him?

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This quiz is hopefully accurate but remember, your answer on this quiz doesn’t mean your fate is sealed! Anything is possible! Also I will help you guys in the comment section and I will go by the name “ HELPER”. Love ya ;)

  • 1
    Are you good friends?
  • 2
    Any eye contact?
  • 3
    How old is he?

  • 4
    When he looks at you ( if he does ), does he smile? / does he smile if you smile at him?
  • 5
    Does he ever fix his hair or fidget when you’re around?
  • 6
    Have you ever caught him looking at you inappropriately? ( sexual way )

  • 7
    If he had any gfs before, do you think they were way way prettier than you?
  • 8
    Is he a player?
  • 9
    If you ever talked to him, does he remember the little things even you forgot you told him?
  • 10
    Did he ever give you a nickname or call you something?

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714 days ago
@help yoooooo that wasn't very smart lol. Maybe you could tell him that you do like him and that you were jut worried about quarantine?

Also my results were like woah:
OMFG he will ask you out soon girlieeee if not he’s just shy okay? And why don’t you ask him out? What are you waiting for he probably likes you!

Bruh this boy plays hard to get and saves face like no other. I think I lost him ngl. So like what am I supposed to do. I've been acting like friends is all I want and that I'm totally over him but he's cute and nerdy-ish but also plays football. He loves talking to me and starts conversations. I catch him looking at me and his friends always nudge him. But idk what to do with that because I feel like cuz of family stuff he won't get involved with a girl, namely me! Sooo.... I know I'm commenting after almost 400 days of silence but maybe someone out there can help me?
1098 days ago
This guy asked me to be his girlfriend a couple of days ago and I said no even though I have felling a for him. I can’t see him because we’re all in quarantine and I dont know what to do
1111 days ago
@Lizzie is he hot though
1112 days ago
I don't even like this person but I got a chance. Sweet.
1126 days ago
Don’t give him too much attention. Show him how happy you are with your friends and try to radiate a positive vibe which will immediately grab his attention. Be friendly and the best thing to do is just casually smile or say hey when you see him but don’t make it obvious.. just make the first move and talk to him as if he’s a friend. Don’t be needy & play hard to get.. make yourself noticeable 💗
1126 days ago
@Idontwantu2knowmyname welcome 💗💗
1127 days ago
Ugh I have a crush on this guy but he’s so popular! I wish he likes me back what do I doooooooooooo
1127 days ago
Thx ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍💗💓💞💕
1140 days ago
Hey it’s me the creator of the quiz. If you have any questions askkk 💓